The Secret Society - Moving Office


literally you could not have waited 30 minutes ok


You know, as he said he was opening it without you, I did wonder how long he would have had to wait for you to be there.

Cold. So cold. :tedevil:


my suggestion is to start with the side that has the different colored doors. they look to be able to move more than the others.

Do the knobs turn? can the top portion move? like the “lid” so to speak? should we try to come up with an opening spell? cause I can make a small story poem spell with opening as the theme.

it may be a magiq puzzle box.


“Come on now and step right up, the time has come to open up!
This box’s secrets we must find, To continue forward in our minds.
For magiq, stories, and the book. we must see what was forsook.
and in this hour so we may, we cast our words to find our way.”

maybe that’ll work with enough oomph behind it?


Beautiful, and we recited it, but no go.


Have you tried abracadabra?


I’m on mobile so getting through the tread will be near impossible but maybe it’s just the proper combination of the words we received so far?


That’s along the lines I was thinking, unfortunately I don’t personally have a list of the words, only the coordinates, does someone have a compendium of our collected words?


Maybe it isn’t the type of object that unlocks with a key we use or find? Maybe it has another mechanism.


Please tell me I’m not the only one being reminded of our time as Nightmare Buddies? Anyone got a song for it? lol

But for real, gonna need to either scroll up and see if there is anything we haven’t used. Perhaps we need to wait for a Woolie message? He wasn’t in so good a shape last we heard from him.


Nightmare buddies and the song? You’re being provocative now haha


I swear I need @Sellalellen or @Cj_Heighton to write a song about it, now.


If they don’t reply, let me know where to dig and I’ll happily commit :grin:


@Saberlane and @AG_Catherine Have i lost it completely, or at one point was Woolie communicating via whiteboard messages??? If so, maybe put some writing supplies out for him in case the box jogs anything with our ghostie friend?


So…donning the tinfoil hat again…if it’s magiq and in any way linked to Neithernor…could there be some sequence of knocks on the different doors that would…I dunno, open them or whatever it is they do?


Our markers are all still out in a mug under the white board! I’d suggest leaving one uncapped to make it easier, but I feel like a dried out dry erase marker would only confuse a poor confused ghost further…:confused:


@AG_Catherine @Saberlane, are you sure there was nothing else in the box? Maybe there is something on the underside?


Osh, so late!

Edit: A puzzle cabinet!

Another edit: Have you tried pulling/pushing on all of the knobs and center pieces yet?


How do the Herman pins react around it??


I’ve never actually written a song before. Chi has much more experience.