The Secret Society - Moving Office


Oh boy…




Call me crazy, but the sight of rabbits always gives me the creeps now.



It’s got two rabbit doors, two fox (I think?) doors, two little cubbies, and one wide drawer in the middle. None of them open.




Like… a Balimora box?


They’re bringing the dolly up. I’ll take more pics and get a better look at it when we get it into the office.


Speculation? What could it be?


The rabbit and the fox remind me of the Cosmos picture that came with the key after that assessment.


A vault is the first, albeit unimaginative, thing that comes to mind.

Edited to add: maybe… we need that magimystic-sounding password to open it?


Okay. Well, it’s in the office.
And I finished unwrapping it.
And it’s definitely… not unmagiq.


I need to make a video to fully explain.


Yes. A video!


Uploading it to Youtube cause the video file’s too large, one second…



The Vault seems pretty appropriate :joy:
Mounties, we got a mystery on our hands!


I’m…super intrigued. Maybe its one of those cabinets that you see in viral videos where behind the doors are boxes that you can push around between the connected openings? (Does that make sense? I feel like I just saw one of them but apparently I can’t explain it very well…)


Good thing we’re experts at opening locked magimystic artifacts, right Mounties?

Did you try saying “Vordicriminant”? It probably wouldn’t be the same password to open it as to allow it to be shipped, but it’s worth a shot. Any other magimystic words or phrases we’ve picked up during this journey that @Saberlane could try?


We’re yelling every word we’ve ever discovered at the box right now. Nothing’s working yet.