The Secret Society - Moving Office


Hope it’s gonna end soon - it feels like forever :confused: I hope everything’s more or less alright there!


Yeah, looks like it’s arriving tomorrow. :roll_eyes:


Aw man, the suspense is killing me! What on Earth could have been hidden away by AGP for so long? Though, honestly I’m just glad its still there and not holed up in some Silver hideaway.


Sneaks downstairs to see if messanger turtles have left anything under the tree before mum and dad wake up


pops out from under tree
Ha! It is I 5!


My first inkling was that it could be something related to the radio hour… but that’d be pretty big for tapes, right? Hard to guess what would be in a massive crate. :grimacing:


With all this speculation of just how big it is, it’s reminding me of all the big crates leading up to the Last Translation…


Okay. It’s here.


I’m gonna go downstairs to our building’s receiving and bring it up. Maybe I should do an unboxing?


Unboxing? :eyes:


Yeah! That’s the popular thing to do, right?


Apparently the original packaging was decades old and water damaged, so the fulfillment house had to repack it in a good old Fed Ex box. (I’m unboxing it in the old AG office, clock the old green, because it’s too big to fit in our current office, and it was too heavy to carry across the floor. They’re bringing me a dolly to carry it the rest of the way.)

This box is about 2 feet square, but weighs almost 100 pounds.


Good grief. What the crap weighs that much at such a small size? Dumbbells? Books? Is it books?



There’s another box inside. Smaller, about 20x20, and crazy heavy.


@AG_Catherine is gonna be so mad she missed this but I can’t wait!


Smaller box open:

As far as I know, this hasn’t been opened since AG first sent the shipment.


It’s some kind of wooden… cube? Maybe 15x15.
Literally all the weight is coming from this thing.


It’s some kind of cabinet.


Oh no, is it like the tetrahedron? You don’t need any ancient deity-summoning artifacts in your office. Please say no.