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This is super random but, is it an anagram? I don’t know if this is helpful or not, but here is a link to an anagram solver, maybe one of the words might stand out to someone in particular.
Anagram website


Vordicriminant seems like a magimystic word to me.


We’re still looking for a word for @Saberlane, right? For the parcel/shipment password? (Gosh this thread is long). Maybe try this one?


Awesome work, @Arym!!!
Definitely sounds like a magimystic word to me too, @Deyavi! It makes me miss the Book of Briars so much!


I JUST called. The fulfillment center was closed, but the woman I’ve been dealing with picked up (she’s almost as interested in this mysterious package as we are) and the word @Arym found is the password we’ve been looking for!

She’s shipping it to us first thing Monday morning!

Edit: I feel like we’ve been waiting on this for a decade.


As they say, good things come to those who wait for mysterious packages protected by secret magiqal passwords. Or something. shrug


Awesome work @Arym we’re another step closer :grin:


Thanks :grin:


Yay! Thanks for work @Arym!


Is it first thing Monday yet???


Blame the time zone difference :stuck_out_tongue:


Shakes thread, no response, starts chest compressions


It’ll take time for the item to get here. We’ll just have to hope it was shipped out today!


Erm, so this might be a wrong lead but… (would feel less like that if I could say with full certainty the words came from the same language) I thought for a moment it was Latin-related, or at least being some sort of a pauper Latin. Then I remembered it seemed more like some old French and, actually, vord appears in Bourguignon - stemming from Latin viridis - green (huge thanks to text prediction for forcing me to correct this like 5 times from Botox and Victoria —“). Criminant is easier, it’s just a stem of an active participle of crimino - to denounce, accuse. Now, the Latin version should rather be vordicriminans but… if we assume both are in Bourguignon, this could mean “the one who denounces (exposes) green”.

You know what else is green?

Tinfoil hat on.

EDIT: to clarify, cause this didn’t let me rest (it’s been ages since I did my end of term paper on Latin influences on Middle French and German, so it’s a bit of theirycrafting but): I have literally no clue what would be the rule of joining words in Bourguignon - if it’s this dialect and nothing else - but ‘i’ and ‘e’ tended to alternate between each other, with assimilating tendencies - so the ‘joints’ tended to get as close as possible phonetically to the proceeding syllable:


Sorry for putting this boring piece of a lecture here but I had to calm down my OCD.


It should be here by Monday at the latest! (Apparently it’s big :grimacing:)


Is it a giant… Gong? (Or alternately, crate of books?)


If I remember rightly Grey Ackerly had a falling out with Warner Green because Warner left to go back to A&L printing. This ended up bankrupting Grey and ending the company. So I could see Grey denouncing/exposing Warner for what he did.


Is America awake yet??? I’ve lived the majority of my Monday already


Someone’s extremely impatient :joy:


It’s a holiday here, and a snowstorm just blew through the Northeast. I doubt it would arrive today.