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From one of my writer resources on names: Arym is of Hebrew origin and means “Height or highland.”

@Arym, anything near you that would fit the description?


I don’t know because I live in Rensselaer and it is pretty flat everywhere.


It’s not a hill we’re looking for but a place of knowledge. The first part of the clue usually refers to the Mounty who’s connected to the second part.

“…where all who seek knowledge are granted entry.”


Do you have a library or anything iconic related to books/knowledge?


Same Rensselaer as Rensselaer Polytech? If so, is there a campus landmark that would fit the bill?


No Rensselaer as in Saint Joseph’s college but that closed this summer. But Drexell hall is still open and that is part of the college. St.Kathrine Drexell used to teach the Native Americans there, because they weren’t allowed on campus. This might relate to, where all who seek knowledge are granted entry.


If that isn’t the solution I’ll eat the skyjacket!!!


Brilliant, Arym! We’re getting closer and closer! Let us know how it goes at Drexell Hall!


a day spent relaxing, an important clue gained, all is well in the world


Ooh that’s an excellent idea! Let us know how it goes! :cjsmile:


Hiya everyone! I will be going to Drexell Hall ASAP after the weather calms down a bit. I can’t leave my house right now because the roads are covered in ice. But I am going to try to go to Drexell on my way to school tomorrow.


That sounds great, @Arym! Stay safe and let us know what you find when you can!


Yes, absolutely stay safe. So excited to hear what you find!

(Also gonna nerd out for a minute about this location, cuz St. Katharine Drexel strikes me as a through-and-through Ebenguard.)


Alright, so I’m sort of new to this and I’m unsure if any geographical restrictions apply but looks like Edinburgh might have something that would apply to the last clue. Royal High School is located on Calton Hill, the highest point in the city and while the school itself appears to be restricted, it’s also surrounded by the observatory and has National Museum and Library in its proximity. If we still have nothing by Saturday, I might go on an errand there on during the weekend?

Of course, only if @Arym doesn’t find anything which I highly doubt cause the Hall seems like a perfect spot.


Hey @Arym how’s the hunt going??? Is there anything we can do to help?


Ashburn might also be a point of checking. given their proximity to a campus, and its known for a couple hills.
i just cant remember if ashburn is in the society.


I definitely am :endriwink: , just not sure that the Mountie portion of the clue would have much to do with me (since it’s usually been a clue to the name rather than all about location)… :brandonthinking:


pokes @Arym


If you need any help don’t be afraid to reach out to a guild leader, Arym! We are playing with some ideas of using words (and magiq) to divulge the information hidden in some of these locations. If you want help in bringing together a small story or perhaps a poem let any of us know and we will be happy to help.
Looking forward to seeing your magiq~


Hi everybody! I am so sorry that I couldn’t reply sooner, Indiana was frozen, so I was loaded down with homework, but, I made it to Drexell and this is what appeared on my screen,


Once again, I am so sorry that I could not do this sooner.