The Secret Society - Moving Office


What about the “common” part that comes before that? Common, shared, shared nails? Common also could be “average.” I hear the sentence as an average Joe nail being made into a superhero.

I seriously hope it isn’t a phone booth, there are a ton of them around here.


Unless it’s a famous Phone booth then I don’t think it will be as the previous locations have been something big like a mountain or a museum


@nailo is there any noteworthy lighthouses near you??? Or a tower that pointed? Maybe the “nail has been enhanced” means something nail shaped? Probably entering red herring territory here but just a thought


Ooorrrrr it is humbled not humble… maybe we’re looking for someone who was demoted


Hmm on a quick glance I haven’t found anything but I think you’re definitely on the right track Sky. Back down the rabbit hole we go


Dad mentioned the tower of london. They used to stick heads on pikes near there. Maybe thats a thing?


The more i look at this the more convincing it looks.

Edit 3: okay… the common nail. Something tells me thats also a point of interest. I think it might be talking about the middle class of london rising up or something.

Edit 4: HAH! I found something on a rebellion! And guess whar they did at one point in 1371?'_Revolt#Taking_the_Tower_of_London

I rest my tinfoil laden case.


Heheheh the common nail being a Point of interest! Nice pun :grin::grin:




Could it be something related to “Humboldt”. It has humble and bolt (kinda) in the name, and a bolt is just an enhanced nail like the clue. Can’t find anything on AO that looks promising for this, but there are a bunch of places named after Humboldt in Canada. Humboldt’s dad was a major in the Prussian army. (sentry?)

Another (more likely) option would be this:

I think this might be it folks. Metropolitan police helped by a hook, essentially a bent nail.


Ninja edit: whoa I’m wrong I’m wrong! Stood for a minute to figure out my next steps and got a message that said something like “go to higher ground where all who seek knowledge are granted entry”

It was the hook! Trying to screenshot the notification but it’s gone



“go to higher ground where all who seek knowledge are granted entry”

Anyone here have a name that could be realted to a hill or some other high ground? As I can’t see any obvious candidates on the SS list :laughing:


Anyone here named anakin?


Or Obi wan Kenobi :rofl:


Um, @Cj_Heighton ?

You got a library near you?


I know where to go. Give me a day.


Bit of good news and a bit of a snag. The warehouse in Fortaleza still had the stock and shipped it out two weeks ago to a partnered fulfillment center in the states! We’ve been waiting to hear from them and just got a call this morning. There are two issues. One I can handle, the other… I’m not sure. A) the stock is “large” and will cost much more to ship to the office, and B) the stock comes with a shipping addendum, written by “A.G.”, that states that a “password” is required to release the stock and complete the shipment. They know the password but are waiting for me to give them the proper word to check against it.

I explained the strange situation, minus the magic bits, and sent them an EXTENSIVE list of possible words based on The Monarch Papers experience, Ackerly Green, and the Secret Society pins, but none have worked.

The woman I’ve been dealing with in the fulfillment center says they’re just as eager to ship it as I am to receive it because people in the office have been having “weird vibes” ever since the box showed up.



So. I have 2 options here, and 5 hours. In that 5 hours i have multiple other things to do, so no guarantees ill be able to perfectly make the loop. There are 2 libraries in my town, the north shore library, which is outside the standard bus loop, and the downtown kamloops library, by and large the biggest and most famous in the city. Ill take a look at both and report back if something happens. Ive got a good feeling about this. Alternatively, it could also be my old university, and while im not pleased to run around there again it could be where we’re searching for, so


I also want to be sure we haven’t ruled out all other members of the Secret Society. The more eyes the better! :eyes:


Ah, true. @Brendon, could you cover the downtown library if you have a break at work? That’d save me a half hour at least. Otherwise, any other mounties match the grouping? Lets keep searching. Im not aware of any other mounties in kamloops, but if there are, nows a good time to mention it, perhaps we could all meet up and knock our brains together.