The Secret Society: "I looked across the cold and silver swirling sea."



Oh… yeah… communicating with the ghost is definitely the smarter choice! Good luck @Saberlane!!

Awkwardly puts Proton Pack and Ghost Trap back into closet


Intense tinfoil hat moment


Way ahead of you Helios. This is going to make me pull out all of my old research into The Path of the Wool vs. The Path of the Silver


“I looked across the cold and silver swirling sea.”

Okay so the first thing that jumped to my mind was the constellations and space


Hmm… So the spell itself opened up a line of communication with…something. Possibly the ghost, possibly this “AG” figure from the Instagram, or maybe the mystery texter is one and the same with both of those.

I do think you’re onto something with the spell path, though. After all, programming is a creative outlet and that’s how we’ve traditionally anchored some of our spells, at least. Maybe you accidentally tapped into something, or maybe the spell was already set up for you by whoever is trying to contact you and the app development was the result? :brandonthinking:

One thing I’ve gotta ask, though - if this is the Silver, what do they want with us? Aren’t we supposed to be, like, mortal enemies or something after we beat their Storm? Or is this going back to our debate over whether all of the Silver are bad guys or not? But whoever this is, they don’t seem to be doing anything malicious…just mysterious so far.


Maybe there’s a part of the Silver who need help, but needed to do it in a way that wouldn’t be noticed. Or it could be a splinter group. It’s going to go back to the debate if it is the Silver who’s contacting us.


I think we can all, sort of, agree that the people in the Silver who controlled the Storm are bad, bad people. They sacrificed innocent lives to advance their cause of hoarding magiq.

Remember, however, that what changed our world to ban magiq did so retroactively. The Silver became who they are today in the Book of Kings because magiq became threatened. And for some reason, they reacted by hoarding it.

What might the Silver have become in the Book of the Wild? Where magiq was never threatened? Who might the Silver be there?


I’m a bit confused on the exact connection the pins have to magic.
Is it a connection to the past before magiq disapepared or
Is it a connection to the original timeline in which magiq still exists?
If it’s the latter is it possible that the ‘ghosts’ we’re dealing with are Mounties and/or Silver (seemingly both with that connection to ‘AG’) trying to contact us?
(I’ve been catching up on The Magicians on Syfy lately so that’s probably where this timeline connection idea mainly stems from)


Robert, this might sound weird (which sounds odd saying to you given some of the things you have posted on here :wink: ), but I didn’t know I could enjoy a theory or postulation so much. We really have no idea what the Silver were like in the Book of the Wild. We obviously have glimpses, but I don’t think we can equate them to the Silver we have known.

I need to wrap my head around this and spend some time trying to figure out how to this could tie into my little research project. This likely isn’t going to happen at 12:49am but hopefully I will have some spare time in the morning to put my thoughts and ramblings into a more coherent post.


I actually find that most good thoughts happen between when the rest of the world is asleep, but to each their own. Enjoy your pondering


So I was wearing my Hippocampus pin at the mall eirlier and while I was in the bathroom some random girl complimented it. (Not wierd for a women’s restroom) but then she went on to say
" It’s really cool, like from an old book or something." And I got chills. She dissapeared before I could say anything back but that got me thinking. Does she have memories of Ackerly Green Publishing? Did she just happen to notice it on my sweater or did the magiq pull to her? Idk just my wierd thing for the day.


Wow Sel! That’s amazing. Mine has just been showing up on my jacket of the day and on random places around the room. I have yet to figure out a pattern to its movements though. I am way too sleep deprived to figure out much of anything, come to think of it. Have you had any other experiences like this? Has anyone else? Are these a way for magiq to call to its lost children with us as vehicles?
I’ve already been using the pin to figure out what the weather might be like based on the coat it chooses and I know for sure that I have decided to take walks to certain places just because it showed up on a certain jacket. I haven’t met anyone interesting on these walks yet though.


You know, that’s a good point, and one that I didn’t consider. I think we might add to that - who might the Silver be in the Book of Briars? Hopefully less nefarious than what we saw in the Book of Kings.


The line makes me think of Eben Rest. like, looking out at the sea from the walls, and seeing gray swirling water, flowing with the tides. We’ve seen a silver sea, and the water IS cold. maybe we need to go and check it out from the walls. Any Watchers have a telescope we could use?

I’ll wear my pin and bring Ferris. maybe they’ll help.