The Secret Society - Buzzed


Sounds chaotic


The spell:

With this totem, I entrust the release of my spirit:
A remembrance to guide my journey with purpose.
An emblem of the unseen to lift my steps upon unfamiliar winds.
A symbol to illuminate my path and lead me where I want to go.
I place this totem beneath my head: my freedom, my friend, my hope.

Within this vessel, I entrust the safe return of my spirit:
A token from my home, to ground me should I wander far.
A relic of water, to bear me should I find myself adrift.
A vestige of flame, to warm my body should my spirit grow cold.
I place this vessel beneath my bed: my tether, my kite string, my home.

Spell Discussion and Planning for Woolie

So yeah. That’s all there is.


Sounds like those who cast the spell need an item, the “totem”, to ground themselves.


Honestly I’m still a bit squiggly about this. Can we maybe Mountie it up a bit? Make it more us and less comatose coven?


It’s all super vague because it’s a piecemeal Frankenstein and also a translation. Reading back what I wrote you guys would probably be crazy to use it, but hey! I got booted from my entire online social circle a few hours ago so figured what the heck, may as well share what I have.


(The social circle thing wasn’t like I was hoping you guys would be my new internet pals, I’m just realizing that I gave it all up and you guys might think I’m crazy, offering a spell where your soul galavants out of your body and may also drive you insane.)


We could do it like the blindfolds. Each member has to create/ use an item that’s important to them.


It feels kinda weird dropping all this on you and then going over to post my Current Reads…


Perhaps we need a separate thread for spell prep.


No, by all means, give us all the Current Reads


Na, it’s okay. We’re used for that.


You get used to it…or at least you will, if you decide to stick around (which you should…scary magiq consequences aside it’s a hoot and a half here)


Agreed. It will help keep things tidy, like back in ye olden days.


:neutral_face: I am nearly out of likes. OMG.


Well, this sounds like fun, if fun envovled you possibly being trapped as an aethereal being never able to return to your body. Let’s bring the magiq mounties (in a new thread, lol)


Now, see that’s a Mountineer initiation. We always run out of likes! I ran out 20 minutes ago!


We should be able to upgrade you I think :eyes:


I basically stalked the forum until I was level 1 so I could pm Sel.


set it up and i will follow.

and i think i have the perfect objects for grounding. a sigil and Ferris.