The Secret Society - Buzzed


Well, from what we understand about wrought magiq. That can be a consequence. It isn’t inherently bad, but that is a risk.


The gist is that they found a way to leave their bodies while they were asleep. Sort of like dream astral projection? The more they did it, the farther (further?) they could explore, and the more they realized they could manipulate the physical world, as “spirits.”


They were “breaking” a lot of magic to do it, and with the power to see, hear, and manipulate without being detected, and without having blame falling back on them, they started misbehaving, to the point that people may have ended up dead. :neutral_face: Also? The bodies of the coven members were eventually found in their beds, unable to wake up. Basically comatose until they died.


So, it’s not the warmest and fuzziest of spells?


Well thats…terrifying to think about tbh


But also, might be the best way to find the locations of these clues? And quickly before Woolie and magic and everything…


Oof. That’s daunting, eh?


If anyone could do it, and use it for the right reasons, it’s you all. If done safely, carefully, and not overused, maybe you could use it to travel to these locations? Honestly, I don’t know if it will work, or even if it does, whether you’ll be able to receive the messages that are hidden because… I don’t think “spirits” or essences or whatever have phones.


What does this spell entail? And do we know anything we can do to protect ourselves?


The risk seems to be either getting lost outside our bodies and being tempted to overuse. So maybe we could add a grounding element to the spell? An anchor or tether?

It wouldn’t be foolproof. But it might help at least somewhat.


Hm…would our ghostie selves have ghostie versions of the clothes we wear? So if whoever does this wears their Herman pin when they cast, maybe it could channel the message another way?


Yeah… You guys need a spell calendar for all your spells.


It wouldn’t be the first time we smushed dangerous spells together :grimacing: I realize now that isn’t a reassuring sentence.


In our defense, we don’t do this all the time.

Edit: No, @Sellalellen. No it wasn’t :sweat: but you’re a realist anyway.


So, the spell. You’re supposed to make two items. (hang on, I’m reading, summarizing and copy/pasting)


@Deyavi slightly more often than your average internet friends though.


Facts. I don’t have any other internet friends who alter the fabric of the world on even an occasional basis.


It feels worth the risk… We need to help Woolie before it’s too late.


No one alters the fabric of of the world like they used to.

The first item is a totem with objects from far off places that you put with you in bed, or under your pillow, that frees your spirit or “essence” from your body.

And then a box or a closed vessel under your bed, or house, the translation isn’t specific, some mention adding a nail to the vessel to ground you, but you definitely need something from your home that will apparently create a tether to bring your spirit back safe. To remind you where to return if you get lost while outside your body. :grimacing:

Spell Discussion and Planning for Woolie

Yes. For Woolie.
Edit: catch me using a big ol’ railway spike under my bed as a tether :cagsko: Idk I’m both excited and terrified.