The Secret Society - Buzzed


For sure…we won’t push you to tell us things you aren’t comfortable with!


I am overwhelmed in the best way possible with your kindness. This is nuts.


That’s totally fair! :eaveshug: If there’s anything a bit more general you can share, I think we’d all love to hear about it. Take all the time you need, to get comfortable. I know this is a lot to jump into.


So I have a spell for you, and it’s… wrought magic, like Sullivan Green wrote about. (Look at me, just casually discussing Sullivan Green with the Mountaineers.) The spell is dangerous, from the telling of it, I mean I don’t know, I have no experience with it ever being performed.


Dangerous or no, I think we’re all pretty committed to helping Woolie…


Wrought magic. What will we be destroying?


I mean, the Low, at least at my level, or former level, is all talk. No one actually does magic as far as I know. Most people I met there don’t even believe it’s real. It’s more like… conspiracy theories? Sorry, off on a tangent, that will happen. Apologies.


No need to apologize! The amount of times we preface posts with “rampant speculation” is bananas


Quick refresher for people who can’t remember types of magic off the top of their head (like me)


Makes me wonder who Constance and Aether’s contacts were.


So. It’s a spell roughly translated to “The Living Spirit” and according to my friend, who is like, master magic wiki person, they think it was initially created by a coven that formed in Japan sometime in the 12th or 13th century. So, a few low sites had records of this coven, and others had pieces of this spell recorded. And my friend kind of put 2 + 5 million together using contextual something-or-other, and thinks the coven may have created it.


OMG, you have no idea how long I tried to find traces of Aether and Constance on the sites I could access…


Aside from loving the Mountaineers I was pretty much an Aether stan.


So were we. A boy who can do crazy modern magiq and who is courageous enough to risk his life to help others? Our kind of human.




Oh, speaking of, just going on the record, since we’re talking about adept babs, my user is SpiritSeer but I can’t see spirits. No super powers (that I have yet manifested.)


Well one thing you learn from this group is that you don’t need any special powers to do incredible magiq and change the world. So.


Dey you are impossibly good with words.


Like I said, incredible magiq :endriwink:


Sorry, back to the whole… thing. So the story of the coven goes that they were dabbling and playing with all sorts of minor magic. But then they created or found a spell that changed everything in the coven. They began only performing this spell. And things went bad. No one’s sure if it was the power that the spell gave them or maybe it just drove them crazy over time, but the cautionary tale goes that they played with powerful magic and were good people who eventually went bad and paid for it.