The Secret Society - Buzzed


Protected, but The Low can still see us, hence there being a fan club.


Definitely isn’t a possessed laptop


Oh. um, are you gonna be okay then?


And well… hate to bring it up. But good intentions are all that’s required to bypass it as well, as just occurred to me. Nothing I want to relive, mind you.

So, you said you can help us with Woolie, @SpiritSeer?


I don’t know if someone noticed that Spirit made an account on the forum, or if they can see into my dms, but she got booted from the Low either way. Someone is watching.


A friend of mine has higher level access than I do. Than I did. Whatever. I was determined, against all better judgment, to find a way to help you, but no one else was, except my friend said they had something that might work but if anyone found out they gave it to me, or I gave it to you, I’d be out. Well, I didn’t even get the chance before they booted me. And I may be fudging some details about them to keep my friend safe, because we’re all being watched. :grimacing:


They watch you. They watch all of us. IPs, etc. People get booted everyday, but also, people are leaving because it seems like… everything has gotten quiet. But not in a “before the storm” way (sorry for mentioning the big “S”) more in a like, something coming to a close kind of way?


Well. Let them watch. They’ve watched while people died, got tortured, and had their memories wiped. So I guess they can watch us save Woolie too.


Yeah, it’s weird. Most people I think thought it was fake. Or some kind of game. They didn’t know people were really being hurt. Or maybe they just convinced themselves to make it easier…


slides a tinfoil hat across to Spirit
Well, welcome to super fun, totally not bonkers, party!


If you don’t mind me asking, what’s your history in the Low… Like, an origin story, I suppose? How’d you get there?

The last people we knew about in the Low were Aether and Constance, as I recall… It’d definitely be interesting to learn a little more about how things were/are?


That’s a bit unsettling. As long as they don’t have any malicious intents, the wards should allow it.


Fiction is always easier to stomach.


No one there wants to admit that The Monarch Papers books are real. That it all happened. That you all may have ended an age and ushered in a new one, and we’re at the close now. Or the open. So. Anyway, I wanted to help. I think I have a way to help you find all the Woolie clues. It’s a spell. One with a lot of history, some of it not so pleasant.


That’s the human condition, I think. I’m pretty sure I read that in a Psychology book somewhere. Before anything else though… you’re welcome here. We will do whatever we can to keep you safe and share what we know; we don’t really do secrets in this club, as I’m sure you are aware.


@Revenir I’ll 100% get into that, but how I found the Low is sort of wrapped up in the stories of other people who are still there. Who might still be able to help?


Well, thanks for taking the disk and helping us! You’re welcome back anytime!


I worry about burning them.


Welcome, @SpiritSeer! Happy to see a new fellow Gossmere, and happy with whatever help you can give!


I think we can all understand not wanting to bring anyone else into danger.