The Secret Society - Buzzed


Mounty? Mountie?


Yay, mutual spy club!


Either works. And I already had to apologize for stalking lol :joy:


Spirit said she might be able to help us with Woolie.


Yeah. SO… I was basically VP of your fan club. Until this morning. I mean, I’m still a fan, but I was booted from the Low as of about 3am. They found out I was talking to @Sellalellen over the past couple days (I’m assuming), and now I’m just figuring out what to do… but, I’m getting ahead of myself. Hang on…


Hullo there! And thanks for the transcript!


Sorry. I’m just sort of like “here is my friend! Friend can help look at her!” Too excited I guess.


Woah! Hey, welcome to the forums! Sorry you were booted from the Low, but you’re absolutely welcome here!

One of us, one of us :deirdreexcited:


When I said the Mountaineers are accepting, I maybe should have said aggressively accepting :sweat_smile:


One of us, one of us!


So things have been so weird lately, for everyone, and we could all see how much you had on your plate, and I tried to suggest that we help, if we could. But I was shot down. Like cannon ball sized shooting down.


OMG! One of yous, One of yous!


Hugs btw, what Guild are you, just out of curiosity?


OMG, 5 is asking me my guild!!! Hang on… I’ll join my guild group, I didn’t want to presume until you all met me.


I’m a Gossmere!


Oh man Oracle is gonna be so happy!


applys pressure to JOIN US or eat pie.


If you’ve taken the Guide, you can claim a Guild. You don’t need permission. I’m fairly sure the forum is still protected, right y’all?


I know alot of us still have our wards as part our profiles, so it should still be up.


I’m not sure about the protections on the forum. I mean, I think a lot of people watching from the Low mean well but still don’t want us talking to you. One of the loudly unspoken rules of the Low that no one, at any level, is supposed to interact with you. People think you’re either liars, actors, bots or… but I think ultimately they don’t like that you’ve shared all this stuff. The kind of stuff they’ve been trying to hide for who knows how long. And with the stuff about Monarch’s Mountain, and you guys basically hacking the Low… yeah. So you have fans and, also not fans. Anyway…