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I can figure out something for Flinterforge. What, exactly, did we have in mind? Art? Writing? Something new? Since it’s for Woolie, maybe we could take inspiration from ghost summoning rituals or something like that?


Can’t be much useful with hunting locations but if you need additional Ebbies, give me a shout!


Okay, random theory time (cause why not?).

So I was thinking about how we’ve always been given a clue to the person that needs to find the place. Well, what if the first part of the couplet is that clue? I did some quick digging, and I found this:
A monument to travel and a way to let in light:

The wind over water, where bodies lie below:

The hunter’s moon ascends:

May be complete coincidence, and like I said just a random theory, but maybe worth a look? Of course keep with our current track as well.


By that logic, I checked my own profile, and this is the full-height version of my background pic:

It’s not behind a fence (and I’m not quite sure what would be behind one if it’s somewhere I need to find), but it looks old enough… :ascendershrug:


Okay, so I had another thought after I posted, and now you’re starting to fit in with my theory. What if we’re not going anywhere? What if Woolie is telling us the people needed to perform the hex? Cuase if yours is the sun, and my thoughts above are correct, then that makes each of the four so far in different guilds.

Edit: Possible “Where the prairie grasses grow”? though the rest doesn’t fit…

(feel like a stalker, going around everyone’s profiles like this)


It looks like Vic has a field for the background as well.


So by this logic, we’d need an Ebenguard and a Thornmouth, right? So, options of people with backgrounds on their profiles:

Ebbie Options:

  • Ashburn (A monument to the stars) - Seek a long-abandoned sun that’s now rotting behind fences ?
  • Deyavi (A rural village)
  • Ginger (Ebenguard logo)
  • Smurfette (Chronocompass)

Thornmouth Options: - And a view upon a hilltop that once was used for flight ?

  • Sellalellen (Trees)
  • Ravenwing (Frosted Plants)
  • VictorianFlorist (A prairie)

Also, just in case we need the others:


  • Revenir (A lighthouse on a cliff in a storm) - Feel the wind over the water, where bodies lie below ?


  • Viviane (The night sky over a museum)


  • Nimueh (The night sky) - As the hunter’s moon ascends, find a feast for all the senses ?
  • Arym (Balimora logo)
  • Cj_Heighton (Video game code)
  • Helios (A treehouse library)


  • OracleSage (A prairie) - Then find the lonely, wayward stone where prairie grasses grow. ?
  • Crytter (A cave)


  • Skylad (Weatherwatch logo) - Find a monument to travel and a way to let in light ?
  • Remus (Snowy trees)


Hey sorry I had a heck of a weekend and between putting out some (not literal) fires and not having access to a car like I thought I would, I couldn’t get out to the park to check. It seems that we’ve gone a whole different direction now though…so is it still worth me trying to get out there? (Which would perhaps be Friday evening?)


I think any lead is worth while.


I still think we are looking for 6 locations and the one we identified near you is our most likely. But i am stubborn.


I’m still leaning towards locations too, but all leads are good leads at this point.


Did we ever decipher those wierd letters some of us got? I don’t recall anything happening with those.


Sooo… Hi! Super big fan. It’s so very weird to be talking to you all. You obviously don’t know who I am, but Mr. Rank sent you a transcript of a forum conversation I was having with some friends from the Low, almost a year ago?

[The Fan Club - Marty Rank]


Wow, hi! Welcome!


Hi! (cringes with nerves.)


You’re @Deyavi! That’s awesome!


It’s okay, Spirit. I told you they were nice.


yes! we’re lovely. also hello!


@Sellalellen originally did leg work to find out who I was and so I reached out to her a couple days ago just to test the Mounty waters…


I am! And it is nice to put a personality to the person we were… uh, spying on? I guess?