The Secret Society - Buzzed


I can’t edit the post with the secret society members but we might want to put guilds on there as that also seems to be a bit of a pattern.

Or there’s at least gonna be variation


I think we started to toward the beginning of our interaction with Woolie, but kind of stopped after the first group was I think half :balimora: or something like that.


I really like the idea of trying to protect Woollie. He’s done so much this past little while.


howd hunters moon go, tinker?


I agree. Leaving someone in danger and exposed isn’t our way of doing things. We owe him.


shall i dig up the shielding runes i made for the storm chasing we did too?


Shouldn’t cause any harm?


I think the clues are important, but I think the grounding hex could be paramount. I don’t know if it will work in Woolie’s case, but it couldn’t hurt (anyone except possibly the people casting it.)

I haven’t heard from him since last week. I have the ashes in a bottle.


Right. Forgot about the spell sickness. Time to stock up on ginseng and muffins :hermanthumbs:


Alright, let’s recap and try to move this along. We have a Woolie to save.

We’re at the home stretch here. Woolie seems to have nothing else to give. He’s helped us all he can, now it’s our turn to help him.

If every member of the @The_Secret_Society took a look at these and grabbed a few keywords and typed ‘(keyword keyword keyword) near me’ we’d probably nail down another couple. It’ll only take a few minutes. I’ll even give you copy and paste searches down below. :slight_smile: Also try Atlas Obscura please!

Don’t assume it’s not you. Only you can save Woolie. (It works for Smokey the Bear, I figured I’d give it a shot.)

My random tinfoil hat guess.
@Tinker near [Feast of Hunter’s Moon in Indiana]

Try searching
hunter’s moon feast near me

No random guess yet

Try searching
sun abandoned gates near me
sun abandoned fences near me
sun rotted near me
sol abandoned near me

My random guess (credit to Rimor)


My random guess
The Devil Hills near Kitty Hawk, South Carloina where the Wright Brother flew. Anyone near by?


Try searching
water wind bodies near me
bodies below water near me

try searching
wayward stone near me
lonely stone prairie near me
lonely stone grasses near me

Any more ideas would be appreciated.


Kitty Hawk was my guess too. I think I forgot to post that though.


Should we get six people together and get working on a casting circle? A grounding hex sounds unlike anything we’ve tried so far, and last time we meddled with magiq we didn’t understand 6 people got sick… But we don’t really have a choice. Woolie is our friend.


Hold on a minute…
“Then find the lonely, wayward stone where prairie grasses grow”

A glacier carried this massive rock across the prairie and dropped it there as it melted. I’ve been there a few times but it’s a few hours away from me. @Ginger?

Edit: not entirely relevant, but the local Blackfoot tribe have a story as to how the rock got there.
“One hot summer day, Napi, the supernatural trickster of the Blackfoot peoples, rested on the rock because the day was warm and he was tired. He spread his robe on the rock, telling the rock to keep the robe in return for letting Napi rest there. Suddenly, the weather changed and Napi became cold as the wind whistled and the rain fell. Napi asked the rock to return his robe, but the rock refused. Napi got mad and just took the clothing. As he strolled away, he heard a loud noise and turning, he saw the rock was rolling after him. Napi ran for his life. The deer, the bison and the pronghorn were Napi’s friends, and they tried to stop the rock by running in front of it. The rock rolled over them. Napi’s last chance was to call on the bats for help. Fortunately, they did better than their hoofed neighbours, and by diving at the rock and colliding with it, one of them finally hit the rock just right and it broke into two pieces.

Not only does this story explain why the rock is in two pieces, but also why bats have squashed-looking faces. The tale provides helpful caution against taking back what you have given away.”


For the ‘grounding hex’ i had imagined the same hex we used to protect and shield Deidre back in Fragment 8.

Also we should definitely dig up the info on how we did that. Or add and make up our own.


I don’t think we have any Mounties near SC, but there are some Wright Bros links in Ohio where they tested ideas before heading to the coast that might be close to @Mr5yy.

As for the aviation stained glass, I think @VictorianFlorist is closest, but I’m not sure exactly how far (looked like maybe a couple towns between?).


Even if I was in Calgary that’s still at least a good hour or so from where I live, but I’m in Lethbridge until the end of the month with how crazy school is this time of year.


So, okay. Like Saber said, maybe we should focus on the Grounding Hex? Or possibly, we could split into two groups? One to start cobbling a spell and another to hunt down locations? I feel like we are working on borrowed time, Mounties…


It feels like the sand is running out of this hourglass. Okay. So. Who wants to work the hex? I will volunteer for Ebenguard.


I’ll volunteer for Gossmere.


For the hill, it could also cover Wright Brother’s hill, where the brothers made the first practical air plane, the Wright Flyer III.