The Secret Society - Buzzed


I just realized I’ve totally forgotten how to make new threads. Clearly I’m a Very Capaple Leader.




i can make it i think


I have reached the maximum number of likes. Please understand that I am still internally liking all of these posts.


:bashfacepalm: + button in the upper right corner. I’m an idiot.


Do you still want to make it Grim?


Don’t talk about my friend that way!


building it noiw!


Aww :cjheart:


done and done! its also linked back to the original post but i think i got the important bits


OMG, things are happening!!!


Hey, y’all. Sorry, late to the party as usual. Been tangled up in spreadsheets this morning.

Is it bad that I’m like, so hyped to do spellwork in the mundane again? Even if it is super dangerous wrought magiq that might leave us disembodied forever?

(Also, welcome aboard @SpiritSeer. Re: the Spell Calendar, I’m personally in favor of starting a modern Ackerly Green Collaborative Grimoire, for what it’s worth.)


Want. To. Like. So. Much.


This feels like the old days :deirdreexcited: I’m not too young to say that am I?


It feels like the old days but with me!


Crap my battery is dying I’ll come back later


I actually have mundane human work to do, but PLEASE @ me if you have questions and I’ll be floating around (ghost humor) the forum anyway because I don’t have anywhere else to go! :heart:


My initial thought was OMG!!! Welcome!!!

My second thought was: I know we love our welcome wagon and it’s been put to good use, but someone should play devil’s advocate and question the intentions of this newcomer, right?

My third thought: OMG! Look at that adorable ghost icon. It’s so cute! Nope. Welcome wagon it is.

Besides, if Sel trusts you that is more than enough for me.
So welcome to the madness @SpiritSeer and thank you for taking such risks in order to try to help us.


I don’t know if you’re implying that Sel is responsible and intuitive or suspicious and skeptical, but I know that was a compliment :joy:


I’ll take it either way :joy: