The Secret Society - Buzzed


Dolly Parton cover for me.


You guys ever hear the Colm Wilkinson cover? :eyes: Great song for sure.


I have now fallen into the rabbit hole of covers :heart_eyes:


the animals did a cover of it, or was it the eagles that covered it? either one, tbh


I don’t check the forum for a couple of days and SHENANIGANS HAPPEN WITHOUT ME?!? I feel like we need a seperate thread just for @SpiritSeer :joy::joy: (Welcome btw)

Getting back on track I love @Nimueh idea about the profiles… I haven’t noticed any changes yet but will keep an eye on it just in case
I’ve been thinking about the locations… I have a couple of possible locations but none look as promising as everyone else’s so will see how they all go first


That’s what you get for living on the edge of the world :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Welcome, @SpiritSeer! Good to have you here, even if what you say seems like a ticket for a rollercoaster. In a canyon. Without seatbelts. With rocket fuel engines.


rolls sleeves Ok, let’s jump to the other thread. Also, what was the spell originally written in?


Hi @OracleSage, @Augustus_Octavian, @Ginger, and @Skylad! Nice to meet you all!


Hello @SpiritSeer! Nice to have a new friend around~
So sorry I missed the craziness from the last few days. I was dying with midterms. But I slept for 18hrs straight and now I’m ready to go!


Ok so I’m back flying now and I decided to drive very slowly past Sit Kingsford Smith memorial it’s a free mini museum thingy… Herman didn’t do anything so I can cross one of many red Herrings off my list :grin::grin:
image image
Edit: These are google pics… when I went it was 0330 so it was very much darker and there was a random car parked with someone in it so I wanted to get away ASAP


Hi @Ravenwing! Sorry, because of my job I’m sometimes a few days away from WiFi and cell signals. Nice to meet you and yay, sleep! Except when you’re haunted by undead ghosts!


If you haven’t been following what’s going on here, go check it out.

But, so, okay, remember the phone number I found in the apartment hall? I know what it’s for now.

I mentioned I’d left a message the day I found it. I may have left a few more, and I just got a call back. The number was an old reservation line for tours with the New York Transit Museum. They’d put my name on a waitlist when I left the first message and were calling to tell me there’d had been a cancellation for the tour this Saturday and if I wanted it the spot it was mine.

It’s a private, nearly-impossible-to-book tour of the actual City Hall Subway Station.

I have been obsessed with New York’s history since I was a kid, and have dreamed about City Hall Station, this beautiful gem hidden underground for nearly a century. I dreamed about it long before we learned about Brandon Lachmann and his escape there.

I have no idea why I’m being pulled there, but I’m going.


Yes!!! That’s so cool! Keep us updated (I say as if that hadnt occurred to you)


Yes! Go! Have fun and tell us all about it.


The question is, what is the purpose of whoever left the number for you? Someone wants you to see Station for a reason.


didnt marty go there, at one point?


Very much so, yes. Marty was the one who found “Brandon” - the thing that was created to cover up that the real Brandon had actually crossed over from our world to another. The old City Hall station is where the body was found.


An overlap.

Be careful, sabes.


Just so we have it here as well, all of the things we’ve found with Woolie’s clues:


Was the tour on Saturday? What happened? The suspense is killing me!!!


I’m putting it all together now and will post later today! Sorry, family obligations delayed my response!