The Search for Magiq: Casting The Cataclysm


As we learned from the latest courier, we might have a way to break through the wall. It seems like we’re going to need 18 volunteers, each with an object that they believe has some inherent magiq. According to the Searchers, we should be able to gather these objects in a virtual location (say…a forum thread) but should only be doing one per day.

We’ve had some volunteers already, so to recap the instructions:

Present the eighteen objects one at a time and share the story of their magimystic potential (this is customarily done verbally, but in writing should work.)

After each of the object’s stories is told, cast the following recitation:

Token, you are bound
Your power now promised
Vowed token unbound
When need of you has ended
You are claimed for a time
And tethered by my telling
Onward to the source
Until you are released

Once all 18 are up then someone will release the magiq as per:

When all eighteen objects are bound, recite the following while visualizing a small, but fundamental change in the gathered energy:

See what I see in you
Become that which you cannot
Power bound and promised
Be broken and remade

So! We’ve got some volunteers already from the previous thread. In an effort to make sure we get one per day and we all know who is going when, I’ve started a calendar with our current volunteers. I can keep adding to the list so we’ve got it recorded in one place!

  1. @Augustus_Octavian (m/dd)
  2. @Ashburn (6/15)
  3. @Cj_Heighton (6/16)
  4. @Revenir (6/17)
  5. @Sorrel (6/18)
  6. @OracleSage (m/dd)
  7. (m/dd)
  8. @Darkus (m/dd)
  9. @Sellalellen (m/dd)
  10. @grimangel53 (m/dd)
  11. @Nighteater (m/dd)
  12. @Connielass (m/dd)
  13. @BrokenVoid (m/dd)
  14. @Robert (6/14)
  15. @Thorn (m/dd)
  16. @Cirydae (m/dd)
  17. @WizardAstraz (m/dd)
  18. (m/dd)

Caster: @Saberlane


  1. @Sapphire
  2. @Viviane
  3. @Tinker
The Search For Magiq: The Neithercouriers

Awesome, here goes nothing.


I can volunteer an item as well


I think I might have something!


So this could be potentially deadly right. But if we don’t do this we’re going to be cut off forever. Well let’s do this. Count me in.


I can’t think of anything I have off the top of my head, but let me follow some leads and if there still aren’t enough objects after a few days, I’ll see what I can do.

On a related note, what day are we officially starting this, so everyone knows what day they’re expected to add something and can set a calendar notification? (Or multiple alarms, if you’re me.) Are we making a separate thread to bind the objects, like the casting thread we had for the initial #SearchforMagiq spell? Is the plan for one person to release them, or the whole group together?

Also…do we wanna try to do a chat hangout or something when we release them? On the one hand, “Incomplete, unproven, and deemed impossible” has kind of become our schtick in magiqal circles, but…y’know. If a tsunami of magiq does crush us all, at least we’ll be with friends?


Augo sounded ready to go…but also it’s barely been a few hours since we got the new spell. We’ve got almost half the volunteer slots filled, so numbers-wise we could be ready…but we haven’t heard from all of the tinfoil hatters yet. So basically that leaves me feeling :woman_shrugging: .But I like the idea of solidifying a start date, and the hangout if we can swing it (getting 18+ people on a hangout sounds a lot like herding cats to me…)

Edit: I updated the thread name to be planning so we can keep a separate casting thread when we’re ready


And maybe we can add dates to the list, so people can plan ahead to be assigned sometime in the order when they’ll have Forum and object access?


We’ll definitely want some back up people around just to make sure we have enough


Can-do! Does anyone have strong opinions on start dates?


I mean, I’d like to have the first week of people confirm that they have an object in mind, and at least 2/3 of a full list by the time we start, but if that’s all taken care of we can start tomorrow, as far as I’m concerned.

And I guess the real concern isn’t keeping up one per day, but making sure the bindings are far enough apart. So if we miss a day it’s not ideal, but it may not mess things up unless we try to catch up and do too much at once.


I guess on that note, do we think “a day” means strictly 24+ hours apart, or on the calendar date where one is? (For example, someone going in the evening on one day and then someone going early the next would be less than 24 hours…and also time zone shenanigans)


I have an object as well, if you need me.


That puts us at halfway!

queue the Bon Jovi celebration


I’m about to move back home, so everything I have is in boxes atm. Not sure if I have anything, but I can take a look when I get settled again if we still need people.


Add me in. I think I’ve got a couple inherent magiqal items I could use. I’m ready to help. Even if I’ve been pulled away from the forums as of late.


I have a pretty potent source I can lend.


I may have something…


I’ve got something


I can pop you on the list, since you’ll be like 10 days in!