The Road to Fragment Thirteen: Sullivan's Letter & The Chronocompass


insert conspiracy theory here


Looks like the days are synced, and we’ll have the option of sending at 4pm every day, just not get a new reply until he sees it later.


Let’s not send anything today - last time more than one message was sent they got scrambled. We should wait for a new reply before sending any more.


Augustus is correct, I think we should let this sit as we wait for a reply. We don’t even know if they will receive any transmitions we send over the weekend.
Im sure they will get back to us asap.


@Augustus_Octavian is right. And let’s use today to think of some questions or ideas! :grin:


Yeah! Having a good steady list of questions might be a good way to prepare for when they make contact again:)


As I suggested before having people ready to assist Ascender may also make things a lot smoother
Just in case.


That was my thought too.


Maybe a we should create a Google doc with people who are able to help? And list timezones so we know when?


If so, I can help


Yeah that sounds like a great idea! Do you want to tackle that or should I?


I say you go for it. I’m not good at Docs to try.


Alright then:)
Ladies and Gents, lets have a full list of mounties in case Augie requires our help finding his lost mounties.
Anyone interested should let me know so I can have a group ready for Nim. :slight_smile:


Me please!


I’m in!


I’m interested


I’m interested


I’m all for trying to help, but we have a major issue: this is 2017, and Augie is in the 1990s. It’s kind of hard for us to help him locate the missing Mounties in the time we’re in. If we can find a way, then sure, I’ll help with locating them, but I don’t know how we can.


I think we will understand more what he needs once he emails us back

Sorry for the confusion everyone, I have a bug and my brainy is pretty foggy today.


I’d like to volunteer, idk how I’m capable of helping. But if I’m needed and able I’m down!!!