The Road to Fragment Thirteen: Sullivan's Letter & The Chronocompass


I was more in the thought process that it was the storms first strikes at the '94 mounties.


Oh lord! Gone for a week and all this happens! I just read through all eight hundred and forty something posts and I am so proud of our progress. I hope that we can assist the '94 Mounties and maybe sequester them from the storm in some way!


There are so many forums open I can’t keep up with/sort through everything. I’m so confused right now as to what exactly we are doing and in what forum we are discussing it. Help please!


Okay. We are mainly split between 2 topics right now. There’s the poll, where we are discussing how we should open the BoB, and then there’s fragment topic.


The reply


I say we wait till Sunday to send a message.


Okay, so he’s not going to be able to reply until Monday, or will time skip? But it looks like we’re going to be able to see what they’ve got so far. Sounding to me like they’ve only got half of the clues cause we’re going to have the other half.

I kind of feel sorry for sending that spell now, he seems to be beating himself up a little that they didn’t have it to protect their site. :frowning:


Also, even though it’s not important, I want to know more about the 7 panes of sky in the wishing scope… And I think Augie would be surprised by those of us in Balimora now. And was the spell we sent created? I can’t remember…


We got the spell from Constance and The Low.


They needed it, and up until now the two groups have had no point of contact.
Don’t worry too much :slight_smile:


All good protectors lament they couldn’t have done more in the past. I wouldn’t take that personally.

So far so good. Nice job @Nimueh .


Do we wait until Sunday, or send something written in such a way that it sounds like we don’t expect a response for a couple days and see if our days stay synced?


I say we wait till Sunday. Gives us a chance to relax and think of some really good questions. But if everyone wants to do it today, we can.


I think having a list of questions ready is a wonderful idea @Mr5yy !!
I have a few;
How many of you are there left?
Do you have names of those who have gone missing?
Any chance you know a man named Ascender?
What guild are you? (Gotta keep up the act we don’t know him yet)

These are just a few I’ve been thinking up :slight_smile:


I still think a decoy book of briars would be the best way to open the bob/ get back whole present time without altering anything…of course we would run into the caveat of having to potentially solve where the real one is in time should whoever has been tracking them might attempt to keep at it…but we’re a smart lot right? :slight_smile:


I think we should try to send something today and see what happens. It may be that we aren’t able to, or tomorrow we won’t have a reply. However, there is a chance that we get skipped forward and have a reply.

Augie’s mentioned Ascender before @OracleSage, he’s tracking down their missing mountiees. Though I’m certaintly going to ask him about his guild and missing mountiees, maybe asking if we can help with finding any of them?


It doesn’t hurt at all to send something today. Given the fact on Friday he seems to mention the weekend is coming, my guess is our timelines are sort of in sync and we won’t hear anything til our Monday…but look at me trying to assign logic to magiq. :wink:

Definitely in favor of keeping the focus on how we can help. Keep it conversational regarding asking for info. We don’t want to make it sound like we’re interrogating him. That may raise his suspicion until he trusts us more.


On the off chance our timeline isn’t synced with theirs, we should think about responding sooner rather than later. If it sits all weekend, fine. If not, we know that we aren’t running fully aligned with their time stream and don’t miss an opportunity to connect. I imagine it’s safe to assume, but we all know about assumptions.

And as curious as we are about the past, we are doing this to help them. So perhaps we keep the body of the message geared toward assisting them, and then tack on small questions he may be able to answer as a post script.

Just a suggestion.


I still think Fletcher is important to this all somehow, so if we can get info about them, that would be good. Maybe we should point him in the Low’s direction? I’m definitely wondering about this wishing scope, the seven panes likely have something to do with the animal constellations on Dawson’s site.


Woah, hang on, so they’ve done something we haven’t?