The Road to Fragment Thirteen: Sullivan's Letter & The Chronocompass


@Nimueh Does that work for you?


Yeah, I’m cool with that. So, message being sent out in 25 mins:

Hi Augie,
Thanks for the reply! Nimueh possibly comes from the Greek ‘Mnênê’ meaning ‘memory’, though I use it cause it’s one of the names given to the Lady of the Lake in Arthurian legend. What does Augernon mean?
I talked it over with my fellow Mountaineers, and with all the disappearances going on, it might be best not to give up our location.
You said you all were stuck on something with Fragment 13 - that’s right near where we are as well! We just received the Cosmos key. Is that the same key you guys got for the third Assessment? We always wondered if the process for opening the Book is the same for all groups of Mountaineers. We never got a new Fragment email from the Book, though. Maybe you could copy what the Book sent you and send it over, and we can start helping out with clues for Fragment 13!
I’ve attached a spell our lodge has been using to protect digital content. Hope this helps keep you and yours’ safe while we work on the next fragments together!
All the best,


I love it! May try to stay up for his reply tonight:)


Good job @Nimueh and @Augustus_Octavian!


Not my message; all the praise should be with @Augustus_Octavian for this one :slight_smile:


Do we want to introduce someone today?
Or not, thats also good.


Thanks everybody, it’s truly a team effort!


Okay, message sent with the spell attached!

Reply in 12hours…


I see where you are going with the introduction of someone else, and it doesn’t hurt in case @Nimueh can’t send one one day/night. I think for the time being, let’s just keep it at the one person, especially since it has really only been 2 legitimate messages sent (this being the third). Nim (I am going to shorten your name, I hope that’s okay?) is just starting to build that trust with past Augie.

Let’s see how this goes before we start worrying about talking about others. That is just my take on it though


May I offer an alternative?

In future messages have her mention us? Rather then introduce us directly. Lets us build trust but also show we are a family like them.


If we are mentioned, only do so super casually like it’s known information, like how Augie mentions the other Mounties.That said, I think we err on the side of caution and don’t even say that much.


I like this idea if it comes to it


It’s a good idea, but if Augie were to stop trusting Nimueh, we would be in deep water. Because he would only know us as a family, he would distrust us as a whole. I’m not saying it’s bad to be introduced as a family, bit eventually we need to have other people involved to show more.
Also, if it came to doing something drastic like showing the picture of the BoB, maybe we should let someone else be the bearer of bad news to keep Nimueh’s name clean.


I don’t mind being the bearer of bad news if it come to it


Don’t be too scared about us vanishing - time travel effects wise. If we do anything which alters the past it may be for the better, and you might wake in the morning to shelf-fulls of first editions from Ackerley Green!


In the event that we do have to mention a vision, if we don’t mention a specific Mountie we should probably specify their guild, bonus if one of the affinities associated with said guild could lead to a vision.

I know Ebenguard has Sand and Stone Scrying, do any of the other guilds have a prophetic affinity?


I’d be able to send messages in the future, bad or otherwise, if we need someone else to do it (I know there are a couple others, just wanted to put it out there)


Sorry if I missed this on my skimming but have we considered asking more about Missouri?? More about the lightning storm thing they experience? We can’t alter the past for fear of erasing it altering the future but maybe if we ask about those we will get closer to figuring out what we are up against by more accuratley pinpointing when and what exactly started so we can figure out exactly who…because while we are up against some sort of storm that storm has to be created/controlled by someone for it to so specifically target us…also maybe we could suggest Augie hide a digital copy elsewhere that the Missouri person can’t find? Or perhaps one can find…like a decoy…so that in this reality we can find the real one that wasnt destroyed?


Is anyone else thinking the lightning storm might be the start of THE storm?


You mean it’s creation?! That’s a cool idea but I thought the storm was ancient?