The Road to Fragment Thirteen: Sullivan's Letter & The Chronocompass


They’ve always felt that saving the Book was the best way. Sullivan had to convince them to do it this way, to protect us instead and let the Book burn in our place.

Sullivan was the one who had that faith in us. The one who believed the Magiq that would save the world and complete the spell would be ours, that we’d find a way.

His intent is, yes, to have us use the 94 Mounties’ BoB to complete our mission.


We could explain what the Storm is, whom created it. It’s not like they can change it:


We got off easy. That’s what is blowing my mind right now.

We got off easy. Their problems are just starting.


Also, I say we shouldn’t talk about Fletcher Dawson. Our fragment 13 is extremely different than its supposed to.


I wouldn’t even call what we’re doing on our end at this time a Fragment if I’m being honest. There’s no Book for us to unlock. Their book and their Fragment is what we’re concerned with, now.

I see where you’re coming from, my only reason for disagreeing is that he may be an ally of theirs. Or a pseudonym of one of Sullivan’s friends. And it’s been unclear from the start what his role is in all this, exactly.

They might know him.


Maybe we should take a step back for a minute, focus on something else while our brains process the new information and others wake up to join the conversation?

As much as I hate small talk, what do you guys want to do about Augie’s questions to us? Are we a lodge, or shall we keep it factual and say we’re another website?


Well, our “Lodge” is the forum. That’s what makes us unique. Using modern technology to connect believers from all over.

I just don’t feel comfortable telling him that we’re online necessarily, because he might try to find Basecamp, and when he can’t, he may grow suspicious.


Let’s not tell anything about us. Let’s make that a ground rule.


I agree. Best not to spook him with talk of the future/time travel.

It sounds like they already have the Cosmos key, finishing Fragment 12 and the Assessment. It sounds like they’re stuck on Fragment 13 - we could ask him to forward us/copy&paste the Book’s Fragment 13 email and see what clues they already have to help them crack it and get the fragment.

As for small talk, we should make our lodge impractical for him to travel to - with all the danger swirling around him from the Silver Storm, he may want to meet in person, which we cannot do. I think telling him our Lodge is in Great Britain would make sense, especially with the timing of the 4 pm/4 am timing of our exchanges. It’s not that big of stretch.


Or we could just say that we are not comfortable disclosing the location of our lodge over unsecured channels and especially with Mounties disappearing. As if, like us, he has UK Mounties he might send one of them to investigate.


That’s an even better idea!


I agree. That’s a very, very strong point.

First rule of Basecamp: Don’t tell people from the past about Basecamp.


Another question; who wants to take up the message? I know a lot of you guys were saying that we should change messangers around so he knows he’s talking to a group of us, so who would like to go next?


I’ll do it! We can switch it up every 2 or 3 messages!


I don’t think we should change in the middle of a conversation, at least at this early stage. He’s building rapport with you. We need him to trust you.

I want to talk to Augernon as well, but that’s for another day when we aren’t trying to save lives.


I noticed that he wants to know what your name means. We can use that as small talk as well if its alright with @Nimueh


Sure, I don’t mind keeping the conversation going if everyone else is okay with that.

Edit: And if we did want a place, I could give some obscure little Welsh village that I highly doubt any of the past Mountiees would go looking for lol :smiley:


Im okay with it as long as people will withstand my saltyness.

Edit: I think it’s actually a really good idea to switch it up. Or maybe even better we introduce someone on this next message. We could put two names this time.


You can pick up the reins soon, 5. We will eventually have to divide the work between us.


So… I’m not sure about everyone else, but I think things have finally calmed down a little for me lol

But the question is, what are we gonna do? We still don’t know how much time before Augie faces the Storm, so I’m not sure I like possibly wasting messages by keeping up our past pretense. However, I do think it’s something we need to do while we figure out what it is we’re achieving here. Are we going to ask him to send us a copy of the email for fragment 13? Should we ask him to link us the book?