The Road to Fragment Thirteen: Sullivan's Letter & The Chronocompass



We should send our key from the Dawson website


Not yet. We still have time to think about this and talk about our next move and that is most definitely not our next move. Not yet anyways


Wehave 12hours before we can do anything yet anyway. So yes, time for some serious discussion


They’ve already been hit, but the worst hasn’t happened yet. We’re in the same place they were, but we somehow have the key, and they don’t?

They’re being picked off. It’s only a matter of time. We need to give them a way to protect themselves.


Send the protection sigel?


I think we should be really careful about what we do next… If the storm hunts through their forum I don’t think any of us should be asking for access to it and I think we should be super careful with messing with time… At the moment the storm isn’t huntng us down… maybe we should ask for access to the third assessment instead and of Ascenders whereabouts

Edit: And what if us meddling with time is what caused the storm…


The Storm was caused by whomever the Silver is to try to help then get the BoB from the first group of Monarchs.


Maybe we should tell them we are working on a “fragment 13” and ask how far they’ve gotten with it? We want to try and relate as much as possible.


Okay, so I finally got a chance to look at Sullivan’s letter to us (though I’ve only scanned breifly the one to Deirdre). Here’s what I’m getting from this reply:

  • Their forum is locked, so that’s a dead end.
  • Tinkerdown is busy, and we’re told to “give him a couple of weeks”, so that’s out of the question entirely as they likely don’t have weeks.
  • Ascender is out there, but remember he doesn’t know us yet.
  • They have missing mountiees. Maybe some of them survived the Storm, going to ground before it could find them?
  • They’re on 13 and have done the third assessment. Do we want in on the assessment? How are they there without having the third key?

When we reply, we’re gonna have answer his questions also, even if just to be polite and keep his trust.


If we do that then it should allow us to slowly gain enough trust to we can give them the key when the time is right


I think we are assuming that Fletcher Dawsons site was around then and that all the assessments are the same. Maybe that’s why they missed something as they don’t have all the pieces needed. We need to ask them about their third assessment and what it entailed


They’ve finished Fragment 12 and their Phase 3 assessment…

Their Book will not have been destroyed according to the letter from Sullivan, because that’s a new trick the Council tried just for us. The Storm is going to keep coming for them, personally.

So they’re still receiving notifications about Fragments, which is what WE are lacking.

We also know what is hunting them and what the overarching force is that’s siccing it on them. The Silver and the Storm. We can assume that KS is the same organization acting as their human agents, I think, since they were the ones who wiped Augie and were watching him. They took that girl and wiped her family’s brains. That much is clear to me, at least.

They didn’t receive something they were supposed to. The Key, I assume, except that WE received ours right after Frag 12. So I don’t know.


Let’s make sure that they didn’t receive the key in the first place. I doubt they did, but it’s good to make sure.


That is what I’m thinking. Find out if they unlocked the third lock with the Cosmos Key.

Find out if they have even received a Fragment notification from the BOB for Frag 13 yet.

Find out if they know who Fletcher Dawson is.


Oh, for all you didn’t see what went on last night this is really important:


Yes. Everyone who hasn’t yet, needs to read Deidre’s latest blog post immediately, before responding to what Augernon sent back to Nimueh. It will influence your understanding of the situation as it stands now.

Read this.


My inner chaos is screaming at me to screw whatever rules there may be here, tell Augie about the Storm and give him the key to unlock the book. The Council have a plan, and I’m with them on it.

But no, we you guys are right. We need to find out more first. Find out if it is the key they’re missing, get ourselves onto fragment 13 and push through if we can after we eventually change history… urg, not a fun thought.


I’m feeling you on this.

They are quite possibly losing lives while we are sitting here now, waiting 12 hours in between responses.

This is going to drive me nuts.


I mean, maybe there’s a reason the Council haven’t tried this before. Maybe the reason they’re trying it now is becuase we have gotten to know some of the past mountiees and want to save them. Maybe the reason they protected us is because they knew we’d have the stregth to do what others before us couldn’t. The strength to give the key up and potentially erase ourselves from history.

Sorry, got a little over dramatic there… but damn, this got very serious very quickly for me!