The Road to Fragment Thirteen: Sullivan's Letter & The Chronocompass


It’s well phrased.
We’ve just got to pray Augie trusts us with what we send.
Did Tinkerdown survive the 94 Mounties’ storm?


Its abit of both. Saying the we knew of/ know Tinkerdown says we have been involved at least a bit while also hiding that we aren’t actually part of it.


12 minutes to go.


Here we go!


Okay, sending message…


Go nimueh go! :slight_smile:



And now we wait… 12h and counting


Another day gone well Mountiees! Give yourselves a pat on the back!


I wish we could speed up time!


When you’re 14 minutes too late :pensive:


So much yes!


Just perceive it faster by shorting your life span to dog years!

Science Source: Came up with it on the spot. Probably works?


Sleeping is kinda like time travel or doing something fun! As time always flies by when your having fun! :wink:


Not sure if anyone else has thought of this, but I think that the “be careful what you send” warning is telling us that we can’t change the results that happen/we can’t tell them who we are or more, when we are.


So I’m super late to the party, but here are some thoughts now that we know Augie is the person we’re contacting.

I think asking about Tinkerdown could be a good way to learn about our limitations with this time magiq. Is Augie the only person we can talk to? Will we be able to speak to people like Tinkerdown directly, or at least use Augie to reach out to others?

The other thing is considering why we’re being sent back to this moment in time, and why are we speaking to Augie specifically? I feel like we should assume the events of the past are set - we won’t be able to do something like stop the Storm from coming for the '94 Mounties. So…what does that mean? Maybe we’re meant to help Augie in some way, but how, and how would that affect our current situation with the Book of Briars? Maybe learning about the past can help us track down surviving members of the Mountaineers? Or perhaps we can get in touch with Fletcher Dawson, figure out who they are and how they’re connected to the Book?

I’m sure we’ll figure this out the more we talk with Augie and reach out into the past, but I think we should definitely try to figure out what our goals are in this endeavor, so we can orient our questions towards them. Especially if we have a limited number of messages we can send before we lose the connection.


“Be careful of what you send” is referring to the time. If we’re to send a message that the Storm was going to destroy the Mountiees, they would try to stop it, changing history. We are not telling then who we are just yet, maybe never, and instead pretending to be a group of Mountiees who lost contact possibility, and are trying to get involved with their fragment.


My inner nerd is struggling not to post an essay on temporal mechanics, but I don’t want to bore anyone. :joy:


I bore them all the time, they’d welcome the change of pace., Go for it. But if it is really long maybe make it it’s own thread especially if it’s not centered on this fragment.

I would love to read it.


It is and it isn’t since we are with Augie across time. The biggest take away is that, like space, time isn’t linear, we may not be even speaking to our Augie. Maybe later once I get back to my pc.


In a way, it isn’t our Augie. Our Augie has had experiences that the one we are taking to may or may not (depending on if we have to change the time line) have.
Also, If we do end up changing the time line, I think we will be either creating a multi verse, where a new timeline is created after the affected event and ours stays the same or a dynamic timeline, where after an effected event happens, everything changes. I tend to hope that, if one does happen it will be the latter.