The Quiet


@Marty.60 I think you’re right. This quiet feels like a pulling back before the wave comes in to shore, the calm before the storm. I just hope we’re not the only thing standing between them and whatever it is they’re trying to accomplish.
And I don’t want to see anyone else get hurt, like you or Dierdre or Lauren (although it seems like Lauren’s quite capable of taking care of herself. Let’s hope so.)


Perhaps if we reach out rather than you @Marty.60 , since like you said they aren’t kind to outsiders. I’m sure they knew the Mountineers of '94 so I’m sure they’ll be slightly more trusting of us… is it possible that one of us goes as a representative?


@Marty.60 Would it be possible to see if any of the Low’s adepts could help us with the new Magiq Spell for the Twelfth Fragment, specifically Mendelssohn?


Is it a good idea for us to be asking the Low? I’m always on the safe side of things.


Aether knows the Low, and he seems to think we can handle this on our own. Whether we ask them or not, I do not believe we need them. We got this.


That’s what I think also. It’s good to know that, so thanks!