The Quarters of "The Ascension" - A Weatherwatch Introduction Thread


Upon the deck of The Ascension, there lies a set of french doors which lead into a space just under the upper deck. The room inside, though not completely defined, seems much larger than it should be, and as one explores the room, it becomes clear that the room is exactly as big as it needs to be. In the middle of this room, though, is a round table surrounded by comfortable chairs where a number of guild members are discussing their stories of travel, success, and (occasionally hilarious) failures.

This space is sort of like the “common room” of the quarters of the ship of The Ascension. Since Weatherwatchers are in constant motion, it can sometimes be nice for them to spend time with their guildmates. We don’t have access to The Ascension, though, so this section of the forums will just have to work like that. We’ve already got a couple of topics started here, so be sure to check those out. However, we’ve had a lot of people join the guild over the past few months, so this thread is for introductions! Feel free to post as much or as little as you want; most importantly, we want you all to feel comfortable here :laurensmile: So please, introduce yourself, and welcome to Weatherwatch!


I’ll start out! I’m Remus, and I’m a Weatherwatch and Gossmere polyguild. My username is a reference both to the character from Roman Mythology and Remus Lupin from Harry Potter, but it’s generally just been a part of my username since I was young.

Along with @Skylad, I’m one of the two captains of Weatherwatch (basically, I help to organize stuff within the guild and work with the other leaders to make the forum an amazing place - hence this thread). I wanted to apologize for not making a thread like this earlier: I’ve had a couple of crazy few weeks, so I haven’t had a lot of time to give to the forums. I’m hoping to be a bit more active later in the summer, but I’ll be a bit unavailable in the coming weeks; I’ll try and be as active as I can be! I joined the forum in June 2017 and I’m excited to meet all of you!

Off the forums, I’m a student in anthropology and modern languages. I don’t have a huge amount of time outside of studying, but I love playing video games, reading, talking with my friends, playing tabletop RPGs, and spending time here on the forums! I also speak and read French and a bit of German, and I’m excited to pick up some new languages and hobbies to fill in my time. I also work as a career advisor at my university, so I’m not sure how much time I can make for those new things, but I’m sure I’ll find a way :sweat_smile:. In other news, I recently got engaged to my long-term girlfriend and I’m extremely excited that I got to take a new step in my relationship :relaxed:.

As I said above, I’m really excited to hear from all of you! So, @Weatherwatch, who are you all?

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I’ll go! I’ll be using your intro as a template if you do not mind.

I’m WarriorRose most people here just call me Rose. As of now I have taken the test twice, the first I got Balimora, however, I identified strongly with Weatherwatch from the beginning and am pleased to say the 2nd time I took the test I got WW as my result. I chose my username with the help of @OracleSage as I have always felt the term “warrior” reflected my values of bravery and doing the right thing. Rose is simply my middle name, I’ve used it many times in usernames.

As a member of the forum, I am not extremely active. I’ve never been good at solving puzzles, and once you get behind; understanding what is currently going on seems impossible. However, here there is a community that cannot be easily replicated. I am honored to have been a part of this story, even if it was only a slight contribution.

Outside the forums I am a student in Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences, I am also incredibly busy with my studies and do not have much extra time for things aside from school and work. I love science, history, a large variety of TV shows, and reading. Funny you mention languages Remus, I’ve grown up hearing Spanish and I used to know quite a bit. I’ve made it a personal goal to pick up the language again. I would love to become fluent in a couple of languages, specifically Spanish and Hebrew.

Thankfully, my semester is over and I can enjoy my summer. I look forward to having more time to accomplish anything extra I’ve been meaning to do. I also am excited to read more about you all :).


Hello all. I am Wylder, and I’m a Weatherwatch through and through. My username is nothing special, just to represent my adventurous lifestyle. In this great community forum of ours, I try to stay involved as much as I can ( although most of the time I tend to lurk in the shadows).

Off forum, I’m a part time student in environmental science and I’m a aquatics lab tech. Also, I am a trainee naturalist, so needless to say I am very involved with nature. I’m often not in one place for very long and like to travel whenever I can, like a true weatherwatcher. I have been to every continent except Antarctica and Africa but I plan to change that eventually, hopefully soon. when I am not being a nomad I enjoy video games, reading, drawing and being outside. As for languages, so far it is just English and a little mandarin. So yeah hello again!

Also congratulations @Remus


Hola! I’m Cirydae, although if you see the username on other sites it’s not me (yes, I commit username theft). I usually spell the name differently depending on availability. It’s from a book, a misspelling of the word ciridae, who were supposedly knights or guards of some sort. I’m v new around here and still trying to get involved.
Off forum, I’m a professor. I’ve taught internationally for a few years now and keep moving about, but sooner or later I’m going to heck off into the woods and become the village witch. I also am a competitive rapier fencer, mostly in large-scale melees and some tourneys. Right now I’m in the middle of another international move, which sounds impressive but I’m mostly just doing paperwork.
I’m also a language nerd! I grew up speaking English and Spanish, but my Spanish is quite bad. I also speak some Mandarin and French, and I’m learning Korean right now. Most of my language learning is driven by sheer fear and necessity so I tend to only know very specific parts of the language ^.^
Nice to meet you all!


Morning Weatherwatchers! I’m Thorn, a name that seems to follow me around a lot online since I chose it as a pseudonym for my art a while back. As far as I can tell I’m as Weatherwatch and something else, though an eta on figuring out that other thing is difficult to give rn, and I, like quite a few folks, am pretty new around these parts.

As a member of this little corner of the internet, you can probably expect me to either stay in the shadows (for a while, at least), or come right out with tinfoil-hat level speculation. If I end up going with the latter though I will have unending questions, and for that I’m sorry to all parties involved in advance :sweat_smile:

Off forum I’m an aspiring artist/author, and a part time student. As well as that, I enjoy hiking and though I don’t often have the money for it, traveling when I can, I’ve mainly stayed in the states so far, though I definitely want to get out and explore more. Unfortunately I was not lucky enough to grow up surrounded by languages, so I’ve had to teach myself; I obviously know english fairly well, but I also am fluent in Esperanto, and I know a bit of Spanish, Danish & Mandarin. Esperanto in particular has launched a bit of an interest in created languages as well as creating my own, but conlanging has taken a back seat for a little while due to the sheer amount of time I need to devote to it to create anything cohesive.

Oncemore, I’m happy to be here, and I can’t wait to get to know all of you!


Hey. I’m Garr.
I’ve known Thorn for roughly two tough years. And she’s the gal who dragged me here by the ear.
I’m sure you’ll find I’m a pretty alright guy.