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Forum Primer

Hey, just found this awesome community and I’m eager to join and be apart of it. However I cant help feel a little lost, I’m not really quite sure where to begin. I’m reading the awesome free book, but I feel like maybe I should be doing more? I introduced myself, but is there anything else I can do? Any advice?



The forum primer (linked above) will give you more details on the nitty-gritty of how the forum operates. Then theres a thread of current active topics (both in-game and out-of-game)…that’s been linked in the welcome thread a lot (I’m on mobile or I’d link you here too). To get caught up on the story, theres the two Monarch Papers books, but there’s also all the old puzzle threads and in-game recaps if you’re looking for more game mechanics than plot. There’s stuff happening now with the Secret Society and the Search for Magiq plots, and lots of creationary threads going too!

(I think I covered everything…I hope that wasn’t overwhelming…)




And I’m not sure when they were last messed with or if they’re set to level 1 or 2 on who’s allowed to post on them, but there are topics comparing Myers Briggs results and Hogwarts houses (and I’m sure other things I forgot).



Are there maybe PDF versions of the books that you’re supposed to get when you sign up logged on the Internet somewhere? I’ve supplied my email three times, now, and haven’t gotten a message in my inbox. The only email I’ve gotten from Ackerly Green so far was the one saying “please click here to confirm your forum sign-up”.



I see that you signed up via the Guide and the front page of Ackerly Green. You were sent two emails but neither were opened. Maybe check your spam folder?



I’ve checked and doubled-checked, now. I don’t know what’s happening, but I’m just not receiving the message…



Hmmm not sure what to do, except maybe use an alternate email address? If the correct address is the one you used to join the forum, then two emails were sent to you. :confused:



How exactly do I increase my trust level?

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Reading, engaging, interacting, creating + time. :cjheart:



How do I create a poll in the Bookish category?

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Under the “gear” icon in the new reply/topic field.

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