The Potter and the Wall

something that came to me during my latest reread of TMP. idk things have been doing that as i read/reread whats been going on.

in a time of myth and magiq, in a land not so far away, there lived a potter and his wife. he was a poor potter, doing the only thing he had ever known. and so life continued day in and day out. making pottery, finding clay, and being with his wife. but one day a terrible warlord came to the village and took the potter’s wife, locking her behind a large wall. the potter no longer took the time to make his work, and though he was poor he was able to subsist on the givings of his neighbors, for they too knew what a loss he felt. he spent his time watching the wall, and seeing the workers of the warlord continue to build it higher, and higher. as days passed he started to walk around the warlord’s wall. and eventually he found a small crack in it, but as he watched the wall began to fuse, and the hole became no more. he thought about the hole, and about the wall and continued to walk, and every hole he found was closing. he tried very hard to find a way in, and eventually he found help along the wall. another man who had lost his wife to the warlord, a chemist. the chemist took the potter and showed him his craft, how he had a method that could destroy the wall, but it would take the potter’s work and the chemist together to make enough to make a hole, if only for a short time before it fused over. the pair worked through many days and eventually had a store of the powder in a sealed and fused pot. they lit it and set it against the wall and the wall trembled. it shook, and the blast made a hole small enough for one person to crawl through. so the potter and the chemist quicly found some branches and stuffed them in the wall, hoping that they could fashion a doorway, or at least a crawlway, into the warlords lair. It worked, the pair had been able to fabricate a way through the wall, but the wall was still there and the warlord still waited. they needed to find more friends to enter through the crawly.


Oml this is so good. The cliffhanger is killer tho. I so wanna read more.


Gonna bop this over to the Creationary real quick so anyone looking for stories can find it more easily, but I love it!! Would also love to read more!!


Yes. More please :smiley:


Ooh, this is lovely! I also add my vote to the “please write more” census.