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Mountie Mail

Mountie Mail is the mountaineer mail network. Founded in 2018 by @Revenir as a way to connect the vast reaches of the Mountaineers. Mountie Mail is a penpaling network that happens every month. Anyone is welcome to sign up! While mountie mail isn’t inherently in-world, but you are free to include as many in-world elements in your letters or packages as you’d like. Let your creativity soar!

Nothing quite beats getting a letter or package crafted specifically for you. In these difficult times, staying connected is more important than ever. Especially here in America, where the USPS is seriously struggling, sending a little analog aether love is a great way to support one another.

How does it work?

Every month there will be a random pairing of everyone who signs up. This will essentially be like pulling names out of a hat. Once you have been paired with someone read their sign up post and pm them to exchange postal information.

The mailout day is the 15th of every month.

How do I sign up?

Post below with a brief introduction and a few facts and preferences. Ya know, conversation starters. You can talk about music tastes, artistic interests, TV shows, movies, etc. This way the mountie writing to you can have a bit of information when writing your letter. For example:

My name is Oracle, I am 17, and I am an Eraverane-bearing Gossmere. I go to school for creative writing and I have a passion for multi-media storytelling. I have an obsession with all things bear and bee related. My music taste is mostly indie pop and folk. For example, I listen to a lot of Grizfolk, Melanie Martinez, and Paramore. I am a big coffee lover, I also enjoy baking and have recently picked up weaving and embroidery.

Once you have posted your biography you don’t have to post it again to sign up. In the last week I will post a little reminder to see who wants to sign up for that months pairing, and a simple reply with “I’m in!” will do :smile:

What do I send?

From a letter to a full care package, there’s a lot of flexibility as to what you can send. You can also garner inspiration from your monthly penpals sign up post. Here are some ideas:

  • Postcards
  • Pressed Flowers
  • Stationary
  • Art
  • Books
  • Zines
  • Pictures

Along with all this we will be selecting a community suggested prompt or theme for every month This will be posted at the beginning of the month

you can submit your ideas for monthly prompts here


Big shout out to @Nimueh for creating our submission box :smile:

Junes prompt is create a playlist to send to your penpal.


I’m in for June!

I’m Tinker…I’m grad-student years old, studying mechanical engineering (heat transfer to be exact). Outside of research, I am very much a crafts person (cough flinterforge cough). I sew, bookbind, and do assorted fiber crafts (newest addition is learning how to spin yarn). My music tastes are a bit all over…pop punk to folk and a lot of things in between. I’m a big nerd for anything space-related and also Shakespeare. My favorite colors are eggplant-y purple and deep blues, and my favorite animals are bears and alpacas.


I’m in for June too! (If this is an international thing and not just an american thing? Fine if so)
I’m VioletLily or Violet or Lily or whatever you may choose to come up with. I’m an Eraverane-bearing Gossmere, I live in the city but Im a country girl at heart. Specifically the Shetland Islands which is filled with wind and fire and sea and heart. Im such a skill amphibian, I want to be good at everything but the two things I’m whole heartedly practicing is yoga and spanish (mucho gusto!). I adore reading and cups of tea and I’m also super hecking queer.
I work on a high dependency unit and absolutely adore my job. Im also a pop punk and folky person, I adore Hozier and the Maine particularly but have been going on a pure pop dive for a few days. Also Frank Fairfield anybody?
I love light and brightness and painting and colours. 24 on the 28th May btw


It’s open to anyone :smile: just be sure to post a brief bio before June first!


YES ORACLE! Are you restarting it?


Im chi! I am a writer, musician and dungeon master, 21 years old, from British Columbia Canada. My hobbies include mountain climbing, trail hiking, eating weird food, flying around the world on a whim, and talking too much.

I can probably do june


Hey everyone, just posting an reminder :smile:
you need to sign up and post your bio before the first to be eligible for next months mail out :deirdreexcited:


I would like to play, too!

I’m Fox. I’m a Verdurant-bearing Balimoran, age 37. I work for the local government in Texas as an emergency manager, so I’m armpit-deep in covid 24/7. When I’m not at work, I love to read, write, knit rectangular things, and go on hikes with my little dog. I love octopuses and squids, but honestly, I just kind of like everything. Musically, I’m very into K-pop, Two Steps from Hell, and pop in general - but I listen to anything and everything. I like tea and coffee and interesting treats, but nothing spicy. For other tidbits: I keep an intense planner and am starting to build my bullet journal for 2021; I’m working on a detective story; my favorite color is teal.


Ooh, how are you planning to build your bullet journal for 2021?


I think this will be fun!

I’m Wyvern! I’m currently a college student (a senior now!), 20 years old but will be 21 in July, and I study psychology and anthropology. My thesis is about feelings of belonging in neurodiverse college students, and it’s going to be a lot of work but I’m excited. Despite that, though, I plan on becoming a zookeeper (or other such animal care professional, like an aquarist), so obviously I LOVE animals. I watch The Zoo on Animal Planet pretty obsessively (it helps that the Bronx Zoo, which is the the zoo on “The Zoo” is across the street from my school haha).

My hobbies include most things crafty, lately this means hand-weaving and cross-stitch, and I’ve always been terrible at things like knitting and crochet. I read a ton, mostly middle grade and YA fantasy and science fiction. I play a lot of video and board games, and I’m really excited for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – I even got a couple books on Norse mythology, history, and culture! I play Dungeons and Dragons as much as I can, and I own wholly too many dice. I’m going to be DMing for the first time soon!


It’s mostly the layouts and art themes that take the longest. I’m not a natural artist, so I start early. Then, when it’s time to use it, the layouts are fresh and new <3 I keep all my non-calendar pages up front - and then month - and then weeklies.


Oh heck yes I missed this.

I’m Raven, a 22 year old, now college graduate as of May. Unemployed due to virus reasons, but the original plan for the summer was to crew a tall ship in the Great Lakes. I majored in History and English with minors in Classics and Museum Studies. I love maritime history, folklore, the natural world, and learning weird and specific skills. In my free time, I am also a writer and amateur artist. I love being outside and exploring new places.

I’m an Umbranor bearing Thorn, with some Weatherwatch leanings. I listen to a lot of sea shanties, Irish traditional music, and general folk music. You get one guess for my favorite animal :wink:. Favorite color is olive green and navy blue. I love weird old stuff. Other people have described me as “a reincarnated sea captain”, a “feral fisher woman” and a goblin. I aspire to be a feral academic and local cryptid living in the woods.


Today’s the day :deirdreexcited:
Here is the pairings for the month of June

@Tinker , @Fox

@Cj_Heighton , @violetlily

@Wyvern , @Ravenwing

@OracleSage , @Sellalellen


ooh. someone i dont know. This’ll be fun.


Sorry for the late entry!
I’m Sel, a lumivox-bearing Thornmouth. Aesthetically, I go for an antique gothic look with some K-pop and Harajuku elements. Idk it sounds like a scattered look but it works. I listen to a little of everything, with the biggest portions being dark folk and K-pop. I’m always looking for new music.
I tend to do a lot of handicrafts, including crochet, sewing, embroidery, and weaving. If you get a package from me, chances are it’ll contain at least one of those.
I also drink a lot of tea but don’t handle caffeine well, so a herbal or green tea is probably the best choice for me. I’ve been really into floral flavours lately, but I’ll try anything once.
I’ve also been playing Dnd a lot lately and as a result have started collecting pirate-y things that remind me of my character.
Idk sorry about the novel, I didn’t mean for it to be this long.


Must we wait until the 15th to send, or can we send anytime?


Anytime, the fifteenth is just the send by date :smile:


@Tinker, yours should either be there or arriving today. Hurray!


Oh shoot ive been so busy thinking about buying postage and stuff that i forgot i literally bought stationary for this exact reason