The OC Thread!


Hi all! Welcome to the OC (Original Character) thread!
This was made at @Alissiya’s suggestion, and is a place to talk about your ocs, show art of your ocs, ask questions about other people’s ocs, and in general celebrate original characters! These could be fan characters for game/book/movie worlds that already exist, characters for rpgs, or characters from worlds of your own creation! The sky’s the limit! :blossom:

Make sure to be respectful, ask sensible questions, and if there’s anything in your character’s backstory that doesn’t abide by the rules of the forum, obviously leave it out. We want to make sure everyone’s having a good time, after all!

Most of all, have fun! :cherry_blossom:


Starting us off, I’ve mentioned my chara Delusion in the DnD Thread already, but he’s a sweet boy and I wanted to show a little more of him. I’ve drawn him a lot already, even though we only got to play him for the first time yesterday! He’s a tiefling who seems to be hornless, and he loves many things, including flowers, rats, his friends, and anyone who travels with him and isn’t a horrible person, really! He travels about, or he did, until something happened… Causing him (and the 4 others in the party) to lose 2 years of memory, and wake up far, far south of where they were before. He’s only just starting to remember what he’s capable of (though he still doesn’t remember that he’s a Warlock…) :blossom: Without further ado, some pictures:

The first picture of him that I did properly ^^

His token! ^^

His pet rat, Ditto! ^^ This one was drawn as I was playing :blossom:

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I LOVE HIM, he’s adorable, your art is beautiful. The more sinister version of him in the mirror is chef’s kiss I love cuties with hidden dark depths. Ditto is also highly adorable.


Thank you so much! He’s a genuine sweetheart, but… Well, we all know that dnd warlocks don’t become warlocks for no reason. He just doesn’t remember what the reason was yet :wink: Which is going to be fun to find out, because I don’t know either! Just hints so far :blossom:


Also, because it’s unclear in the picture, that little club he has there says BONK! on it. It’s basically a joke weapon, because he’s a lil bit trickstery, but with a bit of magic it can deal some decent damage! Case in point:

Also drawn during the session, he managed to defeat a zombie! He had the high ground :blossom:


my three OCs, Valen, Devanni, and Tal.


Oh, bless!! I love their designs, what cuties! Tal is especially adorable, look at those feathers. I’d love to know more about all of them! :blossom:


Well, lets see here… valen was a space pirate. Born in 3170 ad or so, he came in at the tail end of a major war, part of the losing faction. Abandoned by his family on a small scale truck-stop style repair depot station out in an asteroid belt, he spent his childhood abused and hearing about the hunting and slaughter of his kind. When he turned 16 years old, he hijacked a nobles starship, took some sympathetic crew, and disappeared. Valen fleur cygnus, last of the fleur line, didnt return to the sector for 13 years, before suddenly appearing in 3200 as a space pirate by the name of “Helvetica Salus Saar.” Once a mechanic on a backwater planet, now a dreaded pirate and leader of a 1200 man capital class starship, he seeks revenge, and repentance. Recently, he found it, joining the nobility as a mechanic for the engineers faction of the empire.


Ooh, very nice! I like how this is written as well, I’m never good at summaries so when I see such a clean-cut one it makes me happy. Sounds like Valen had some hard times, hopefully he’s happier out there space pirating! :blossom:


For sure x3 hes gone from wanting nothing to do with war to not knowing what to do with himself WITHOUT it. Poor mans gone a bit lawful evil, i feel. Now, lets see… the other two eh…


Devanni Saar Salus is the wife of valen fleur cygnus, and a self professed pirate. Formerly hunted by a group of religious zealots in her home world, she joined a crew of smugglers to keep out of their watchful eye. In a world where the church ruled, however, you cant hide forever, and eventually a chance encounter with a particular ruby-rose artifact left her left eye permanently replaced by a solid sphere of ruby, magically able to grant her vision, with the added bonus of being entirely removable. She joined up with an adventuring party completely by accident, after waking up in a cave somewhere after being cast out of her crew for her distinctive eye. Unable to really figure out where exactly she was, she went along for a while. When the crew died, she was discovered within days. Fearing for her life and running once again from the church, she discovered a strange stone tablet, emblazoned with a golden eye. Grasping it, praying for salvation, she vanished, only to reappear in another world. When she got bored of that one, she found another. She became an interdimensional traveller, helping here and there, but NEVER sticking around. Eventually, she grew bored of even that, and after finding valen, they got together, and eventually married. The two are living together now in Acheron Rho, but Devanni occasionally hops the veil that nobody else seems capable of piercing.

Tal… tal, tal tal. Uh. So tals a kings ranger in the world of cascade. He was apprentice to a very capable tracker and assasin, one of the more powerful members of their force. When his mentor disappeared, the king sent him and a few choice individuals to make sure he didnt return. After several weeks on the island, Tal has made a reputation for himself with his bright, sunny attitude towards life, and his habit of swimming in full clothing or refusing to wear pants, claiming his harpy fur on his legs obscure anything too embarrassing. He carries a 7, 8 foot long kyudo bow on him, which he can snipe with, hitting targets easily 100 metres away. The mans an enigma, easily switching from chaotic but sunny to evil in an instant, but his unpredictability just makes him more fun to play.


Bless! I love them all! Devanni’s magical eye is cool, and I gotta say, I do love a bit of dimension jumping now and then! And Tal seems like great fun, I love sunny characters who can deal big damage! Fantastic!! Also that’s a mood, harpy bodies just aren’t built for human clothes. Never met anyone playing a harpy (or Aarakocra, Tengu… winged folk of any kind really) whose character likes clothes. It’s hard to draw harpies with clothes… I once did a whole project on trying to design clothes for winged characters, that’s how much of a hassle it is, I feel bad for the characters!
Thank you for sharing, they’re so interesting! :blossom:


Yup! happy to share! ive always kind of been bored with the stereotypical “Grows up in village, wants to see outside world” type thing, so ive gotten rather creative over the years with avoiding the dungeon masters pushes XP Not to say some havent tried, but i usually end up convincing them to let me throw my wanderers in the mix whenever i can.


Oh? Is that an issue with a lot of dms? The ones I know tend to be more excited the more backstory the characters have. After all, a wizard living in a tower is nice, but a wizard who hopped from library to library, learning magic and making a network of friends (for the dm to dramatically reveal as villains or use as quest givers) is much more fun for everyone involved, I’d say :blossom:


absolutely. Ive had some rather crap dms in my day, to be honest, but a grand majority of the ones ill associate with i tend to kind of… Ehh, screen? before playing with. Like, id like to see their ideas and what players think of the dm before i hop into something and commit. sorry, this probably doesnt fit OC discussion, does it? XP


A DM will make or break your character building, so I guess it sort of fits! When it comes to dm or player, it’s best to see their ideas before settling down, but even so, sometimes surprises happen! For example, I have a wonderful tiefling druid (I promise I don’t only have tieflings) called Vio, and when I designed her she was supposed to be a sad loner hermit who’d lost her whole family due to reasons. The DM said ‘but what if her family survived and are still out there, but she believes them to be dead?’ which opened up a ton of new avenues… And by the time the first session was done, she was a sweet but easily panicked darling with a morality of “I love those around me, but anyone I don’t love is none of my business, and I don’t even feel bad if they’re hurt in front of me. My friends, however, I would die for” which is honestly so fun to play. She’s the glue that holds the party together! But she wouldn’t have become that if I hadn’t had such a good DM. I’ll post pictures of her later, when I’m on pc, but she’s the one in my icon!! :cherry_blossom:


Mh! I think you’ve mentioned her before, but its cool to hear about her properly =w=!


I can’t believe that there are DMs who don’t appreciate characters with intense backstory. There again my DM has had to get used to the fact all of my PC’s are interconnected, which has made our latest campaign rather interesting :sweat_smile:

I love seeing other people’s OCs, but I will share one of my favourite ones.
Marisol the Ifrit solar oracle, ostracized by her (Salamander) kin for having a birthmark in the shape of Sarenrae’s emblem she was raised in the church by an aasimar cleric named Rose. When the church asked for volunteers to retake a fallen city, she jumped at the chance to leave the city and strike out into the world.
Once the gnolls were forced out of the city she took up with the local alchemist who had helped them. A harpy named Undrella, who was only too happy to supply the party with CMW potions.
Alas, this happy life didn’t last, as she was killed by fire giants while in the plane of fire, with Undrella and Rose in the dark about her sudden disappearance and the other foundlings always looking out for her on their own travels.


This might just be the fact that I have only ever really GMed for groups who are new to pen &paper games, but I actually prefer having pc backstories to be more broad. It gives me a little more creative liberty to integrate them into the campaign.

When I help out newer players figure out how to go about making a backstory I tend to tell them to focus on the what, when, where (and sometimes who), rather than the why. For example it makes sense for a character to have in their backstory that their home town was burned down by a gang of mercenaries, it wouldn’t make a lot of sence for the fact that those mercenaries were paid by a nobelmen from a nearby kingdom in order to deforest the area and build a secret research facility. Sure the player can put it in their backstory that they found the orders from the noblemen on one of the mercenary that they managed to take down, but I personally feel like the moment of revelation is that much better if it comes during the campaign.

After building trust with the party this pc ends up finding these mercenaries again whilst on a quest, from there they convince the party to help them track down the remaining mercenaries until they find the leader who in exchange for his life offers information on who the pc really should be hunting down.

It evolves from being just a part of your characters backstory and becomes an entire arc that the party can go on where everyone begins to learn more about their characters.

It really boils down to the GM, for me I always perfer fleshed out characters rather than fleshed out backstories.


@Johquil oh no! I love Marisol, sad that she’s gone! But the character is still wonderful! Poor Undrella and Rose… ;;

@Shadow what you’re describing is a fleshed out backstory! A good backstory is thorough, but only as thorough as the character knows it is (with some exceptions e.g. amnesiacs, plotting with the dm for certain things, trying to link the backstories up subtly etc) but everything you’ve said is good! :blossom: