The New Logo


This is all i got from that list @VictorianFlorist :confused:


I couldn’t find anything else either.


Maybe it could be Coma Berenices?

I’m not sure. I’ve been just looking around at stars for an entirely different reason and saw that, thought it looked similar.


I also know you guys talked about one of them being cancer but sagitta also seems to work? Again, I’m honestly looking for an entirely different set of stars but I keep finding things similar to the stuff here.


with so many constellations possibilities to pick from for some of them i think we need to be very picky. On that note I would eliminate saggita becuase the two arms are too close together, and coma berenices almost looks to straight.


Maybe we should narrow our field of vision a little bit, look for constellations that look like the ones on the logo, and that are all in the same hemisphere. We have to wide of a scope right now, we need to choose either the northern or southern hemisphere and then work our way from there. If we keep our search this wide we will never be able to sift through all the false leads.


octans sort of looks like the one next to cancer