The New Logo


another thought since some constellations are fairly large and complex…could it be one constellation broken up into pieces?


I had a really good image from a logo that was used on the Mountaineers blog (which seems to have disappeared both from the blog and my files), but I’ll look harder to see if I can’t dig it up.
I decided to check on when these constellations are visible in the northern hemisphere, Cassiopeia is visible year round, and of course Cancer is the summer especially june 21- july 21 (I’m a Cancer so yeah, already knew that one). Anyhoo, more info for our records. I’ll look for those images and see if I can’t dig em back up.


Maybe, but I doubt it there would be to many variables involved. I.E. (Position of which parts fit where, also what hemisphere it was in not to mention the constellations are usually not that complex, they are actually simple shapes that provide a sort of “skeleton” to the image it represents. It would make for a very difficult puzzle


Two kind of looks like an upside-down Aries but it’s just a theory


Well what are we if not thirsty for a difficult puzzle? :stuck_out_tongue: Also i can see Aries, cause i don’t think some of the other ones are oriented right either…hmm. a lot of them seem to be horoscope related…


Cassiopeia isn’t a horoscope though, so I think they may have something to do with location, I think they are all in the northern hemisphere, so far Cassiopeia and Cancer are, and so is Aries if I am actually right.


Haha! I found it! here we go guys and gals.

You can also see here that the moon phases have changed, a nearly full moon (or possibly entirely full) has been added in the second segment.


Thing is Cassiopeia can barely be seen at all in the Southern Hemisphere, any time of year. I have no idea if any of this is significant, that’s just how I function, I gather info and research and let it all (hopefully) sort itself out later.


Five looks very different than my approximation.


Cassiopeia is located in the Northern Sky, which would be why you can’t see it in the southern hemisphere


Just upped the brightness. The fact that the constellations were still included in a simplified version of the logo proves that they have some significance in my opinion.


That means that 4 is not Cassiopeia.

Cassiopeia has no branch in that indent.


Add to the fact that this is the image on the TRAVELERS discs, I really think this is about a location (or perhaps plural locations but “real world” and magimystical, since that’s what the travelers discs were about, traveling between realms.). I have a theory I’ve been sitting on for a while (since I joined, actually), but I’m hesitant to put it out at the moment because I tend to go off on tangents and I really want to stay with finding the constellations right now.


The moon cycles are there too, which could be a hint? I think it goes from left to right, waning crescent moon, last quarter half moon, waning Gibbous moon. OR waxing crescent moon, first quarter half moon, waxing gibbous moon.


Anyone else willing to go through the library of constellations? It’s good to have two sets of eyes on this.


I’ll take a look :slight_smile: but I think everyone should give it a browse.


In some images it does. That’s a tricky thing about constellations. One image can be very different from another. here are a few of aries.

Cassiopeia holds a mirror, in some images that is shown


So maybe it is cassiopeia.


This kinda looks like it could be number one?

(or Fornax?)

(or pictor?)


And the one we thought was Cassiopeia may also be columba?

number 2 may be Hydrus?

cancer could also be indus