The New Logo


So the new forum logo got me thinking, about quite a few things. First of all, it’s a bit different from the traveler’s discs we’ve seen, but similar enough to know that they’re related. Second, the symbolism seems to revolve around the guilds, specifically, how the guilds relate to each other and to the world at large.
One thing that hasn’t changed is the constellations. There are six, which leads me to deduce that there is one for each house. Problem is, I have only been able to positively identify one of them, Cassiopeia (fourth from the left). Any help identifying the constellations would be great, if you feel like jumping in on a mini “puzzle” while we’re waiting for the next fragment.

Also, the guilds seem to be placed around the wheel in their positions non-randomly, as @VictorianFlorist noted in loose thread theater. Weatherwatch and Ebenguard are not only in the east-west positions, but are two guilds that are the most balanced. The wheel is separated into day and night, the sun above the moon below. Any speculation or insight into the placement of the houses on the wheel is most welcome, as well as how the constellations relate to them.

I have a mini theory running as well that these all relate the the compass points and how they are symbolically represented in magic (with a c, or ck if you’re so inclined). Traditionally East is air, dawn, spring. South is fire, summer, high noon. West is water, sunset, autumn. North is earth, midnight, winter. Now bear in mind that this is based in the desert religions (mostly kabbalah) and there are other interpretations ( I’ve felt for a long time that north should logically be air and east should be earth, but whatever.) Point is, there are natural correlations. The placement of the guilds on the wheel are: East-Ebengard, SE-Thornmouth, SW-Balimora, West-Weatherwatch, NW-Gossmere, And NW-Flinerforge.
I’ll put a picture here for reference

I started working on the discs and their constellations and moon phases a while back, but it got dropped for more pressing concerns, but now it looks like it may be relevant again, so any help would be wonderful. If you want to jump in, feel free.

SOLVED: Fragment Nine: Galifanx

Cassiopeia was a woman in Greek Mythology, a queen in fact, who boasted and gloated that she and her daughter Andromeda were the most beautiful creatures in the world. They were both actually subsequently punished by the gods for their egoism.

I’ll look more into the other constellations and see what I can find out.


And it also seems that the constellations are upside down, which will be a bit of a challenge.


Thanks @aTomic, Much appreciated. Maybe the constellations represent the darker side of the guilds Could explain the upside down-ness.


I also noticed the different phases of the moon on the lower half, which is interesting. I know constellations vary with season… It might help in identifying them if we compare them to their nearby moon phases or season/directions?


The moon phases have been a big puzzler to me. On the discs they were very different, and I thought perhaps they represented astrological timing (ie the full moon in Taurus). But it’s impossible to know until we have the constellations.


The constellation below the E looks like Cancer.

And Cassiopeia is to the left of the T right?


I thought so too, but it looks a bit off, the branches aren’t far enough apart. Yes, Cassiopeia is left of the T. That’s another weird thing, it looks a lot like the other M shaped constellation. I’m not entirely certain these are all “real” constellations, of our realm. I hope they are, that they’re not like Fraylilies and Obenhedges, or we may never find them.


I tried to put them on paper. Thought it may be easier to see them if the lines were clearer.
These are my best aproximations, left to right.


Then the last one would absolutely be Cancer. Well done Vic! Two down, four to go.


I’m going to be getting my best friends boyfriend to take a look. He’s a bad astronomy nerd so he may be able to give us some insight.


Honestly same.


When you put them on paper, they look similar to runes. that could just be a coincidence, but nifty all the same.


But there are multiple runic languages, the druids, norse, and other scandinavian groups all had different runic languages.

If there’s a connection. We all need to go through each alphabet and see if we have any matches.


It could be runes, but on the symbol they seem to appear in a …starry space, and there are circles on all the points of each one, which indicates stars. It’s worth investigating though.


They’re probably not Nordic Runes although the backwards y is very similar to the Nordic rune fehu which is the rune for Frey, who was a nature god. and the M looks like ehwaz the rune for horse.


They seem to be real consitllations at this point.

So lets organize - (Left to right)

  1. Unknown
  2. Unknown
  3. Unknown
  4. Cassiopeia
  5. Unknown
  6. Cancer


Could number 1 be Pisces?


It could be, but it’s missing a few stars if it is…all though with the size and quality of the image we can’t be certain if they’re actually there or not.