The New Community Leadership Roster


Below is the new Community Leadership Roster.

Weatherwatch - Captains: @Remus and @Skylad
Gossmere - Calls to Hearth: @Augustus_Octavian and @OracleSage
Flinterforge - Head Artificer and Runekeeper: @Revenir and @Viviane
Ebenguard - The Scale: @Deyavi and @Ginger
Thornmouth - The First Word: @Sellalellen
Balimora - The Chaos Quorum: @Robert and @Steve

We’ll do some recruiting down the line, but I’d like to gauge how many people are needed for each guild and all of Leadership with this roster. If you’re interested, throw your hat in the ring below and I’ll check back here when the time comes!

New Thornmouth, What can I do?

Why do you hate me?


I love you and I think this will be a perfect pairing.




The best pairing.


You couldn’t have chosen a better Leader for Thornmouth! Vive la Sel :fist:


Aww Rimor :cjheart:


We’re dead.


I am so unreasonably pleased to see the true bringer of Chaos be on the quorum, and Steve :joy:


best pairing.

also, throws a literal top hat into a ring of salt
hat, meet the inside of a ring

(no joke, would love to be of more help, but im positive ginger and deyavi are being the best guild leaders ever so…)


Can I just give a shout out to @Remus. He’s been so patient with me and practically carried WW the last few weeks :disappointed: Thank Buddy!!!