The Monarch Papers Soundtrack Volume 3: Cosmos


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Okay, so you’re not ready for this, mounties…

Simon’s knocked another one out of the park. This phase was inspired by late-70s early 80s sci-fi horror and Simon has gone full tilt Carpenter/Tangerine Dream synth. And if you don’t weep over “Our Fallen Friend” then you’ve probably been brainwashed by Kemetic Solutions.



Simon you have done it again!!


This is absolutely beautiful! Amazing work Simon!


Tagging @SimonAG so you can all heap praise (and questions) on him!


It’s so good! :sob: @SimonAG you did an amazing job!


Weeping. Thx.


Thanks guys - glad you’re enjoying it :slight_smile:


This is beautiful @SimonAG, these tracks are amazing…


:sob: this is making me feel all the feelings.