The Monarch Papers Cover Reveal Puzzle!


I don’t think it’s nefarious, but I do get the sense we may be performing magiq, yet again. :tinfoilhat:




One can’t be too cautious :joy:


Accidental Instagram spells would be…not totally new territory for us, I think?


Magiq appears to work in so many different ways, we’ll need a catalog just to list all the different ways.


That’s why I made it a multiple of six, can’t hurt to invoke the magiq number, right?


Oh, good thinking, Sabes. Sixes for everything! ALL OF THE HEXES!


I do it every day.


Is @Ashburn up next? asks nefariously


Rubs hands nefariously


Am I? Shoot, just a sec to get the pics onto the phone. typing furiously

where’s the hacker cat when you need it!


Whoever has 10 is good to post


Politely asks @Mr5yy to stop rubbing my hand


That’s not me… Could be an UnOwl


Watches the shenanigans


also watches shenanigans, from a dirigible covered in question marks


I’ve got an appt. so I’ll be off for the next 1-2 hours. Just tag me if you need me to do something.


Yo, Sabes - sweet dirigible! Cast me a line!




recruits henchpersons with line from dirigible