The Monarch Papers Cover Reveal Puzzle!


Okay! Which posting slots are left?


Im sorry I can’t help out guys but my phone is broken so no instgram :unamused:


Looks like 10 or 12?


Here’s the post, so you don’t have to scroll. :slight_smile: The slots left are 10 and 12, since Grim doesn’t have phone access.


I’ll do 12. Is it the 12th picture puzzle piece?


Take my hand, we’ll make it I swear :musical_score:


WOah oh!! LIVin’ on a PRayer! LIVIN’ ON A PRAYER! YEAH! Guitar solo


Okay done! @Augustus_Octavian you’re up!


whoah whoah whoah, wh-wh, whoah whoah whoah


Having a bit of a trouble getting the picture from the App.


All set! Who’s taking slot #10?


I’ve realised that this Instagram posting is a great way to find Mounties that I’m not following yet :joy:


Okay! Got the 12th picture!


I had trouble from the app as well, but I was able to grab it from the browser site.


Yep. Thanks for the info! :+1:


Ill take frame 10, got 2 hours till family get home. Gimme a moment to get home. Ill let you all know when im ready.


Looking ahead a bit, @Saberlane, is it the same text for both posts?


wrings hands malevolently, and affirmatively


I’m starting to feel like this is some elaborate trap that we’re blindly walking into…



(I’m too excited, it won’t let me do all caps)

…just lemme know which one I need to do the insta-thing to.