The Monarch Papers Cover Reveal Puzzle!


I’ve been needing to make my account public anyways


someone may ahve to take my spot, if i cant get it working…


I tried the developer view on chrome and it wasn’t working for me :disappointed_relieved:


I think my blind self finally figured out which one 11 is oml


takes credit for developer view not working, mustache completely twirled




actually, for real ,imma need someone totake my spot. i might not have the time to actually be able to post and im trying to see if i can get the files onto my phone, but i may end up in a meeting while its my turn.

I’m sorry! not much i can do from the middle of the ocean!


This may also work?


@Tinker you’re up


takes credit for ocean


So @Mr5yy or @Remus able to tag in?


Also @Revenir you’re up!


@Nimueh It’s your time to shine!


woah we’re halfway there (woah, livin’ on a prayer)


Next! @Rimor


Goodness. @Saberlane is mad with power :joy:


Okay, what do you need to do now?


You are my hero.


thats fine. he’s allowed today


There’s a couple posting slots left, if you can take one