The Monarch Papers Cover Reveal Puzzle!


twirls mustache in nearby shadow and laughs to self


im here, though im not sure how to post to insta via a comp… im sure i could do it


I posted Frame 1 of the hourglass!


@Viviane you’re up!

(also we should probably tag the next person in the order once we make our posts)


And be sure to post the quoted copy and the hashtag #agpreveal !
(also, if you have a private account your post won’t show under the hashtag. Maybe make public long enough to unlock the covers?)


It’s apparently possible if you use Google Chrome. Here’s a guide.


I’m here!! Sorry, was working… What do you need?


Quick pick a number between 9 and 12!




I’ll take number 9.


We just need 2 more!


And we’re starting with the hourglass, and so far just frame 1 has been posted


So… Do I just post the number 11 photo with the agpreveal hashtag when we get to me?


Yup! Include the little comment blurb and at least the agpreveal hashtag!


Done and done. (I hate copying text on mobile.)
@Griffin, my friend, you’re up.


i’ll take 12


just the 10 slot open then! <3


You’re up soul bonded buddy @Ravenwing
Edit: wait that was ashburn, sorry separate buddy


Also, y’all, I can’t get over the little baby constellations worked into the Hourglass one. It’s so pretty. Am so hype.


Oh my gosh I didn’t even realize!