The Monarch Papers Cover Reveal Puzzle!


(Also are we doing these one at a time? Monarch then hourglass?)


7 please! Cause I like 7…


I’ll grab 5




I made a list on the post of signups and claimed 4 to fill the gap


Definitely one at a time…I think Raven had suggested started with the hourglass


I’m just off-hand assuming that time is volume 2 and should be second, but what do I know.

Sorry, that sounded way sassier than I intended. I honestly don’t care what order they go in. :joy:


We can start with Monarch too!


I’ll take 6 I guess?


For organization sake, can we have each person sound off when they’ve posted their image so we can make sure everything posts in the right order? (Once we get the rest of our 12 assigned, that is)


I think we can go ahead and start. We have numbers up to 8. It can’t hurt.


If the Monarch is Volume 1 and the Hourglass is Volume 2, then we’ll start with hourglass so that Monarch ends up on top, given the instagram posting-style.


@Saberlane are we doing one post a day or all on one day?


I mean, we need to get all of one posted before we can start the next one, I think…



I saw y’all on the discord. You guys online?


If it was one post a day, the book would be out before we completed the puzzle. :joy:


OH. Duh. Backwardsness.
My IxFP is real glad y’all are so abstractly organized.


Oh good point :joy:


So it looks like we still need 4 people… @Cj_Heighton, @Augustus_Octavian, and @OracleSage wanted in but haven’t claimed a spot yet


And @Mr5yy