The Monarch Papers Cover Reveal Puzzle!


Everyone OK if I post the second photo from MM?


Edit: I did the thing! @Mr5yy , its up to you!



The second cover has been revealed. Long live Jambi.


It’s up! No mistakes were made!



They’re so pretty :heart_eyes:




Great work Mounties!!!


I’m in love with these covers!


Okay. Flora and Fauna looks gorgeous! :heart_eyes:


After a lot of back and forth, we went with a “Doors to Neithernor” theme.


Saberlane, these are amazing :heart_eyes: Also, it might just be me, but I like the “Cosmos & Time” cover myself.


Ugh, absolutely stunning!! I think I like Flora and Fauna the most because it gives me so much nostalgia, but they are both AMAZING!!!


Beautiful. They are both so beautiful it is absurd.


Gah I missed the shenanigans but they are beautiful!!! I’m soooo keen for the release!