The meaning of "Book"


So as @Deyavi has kindly pointed out, it seems that the word “Book” means something more than our general mundane meaning. It seems to mean a time period, so maybe it is the written story of a time period. What are some of your thoughts?


Might be like ‘Age’. As in the ‘Age of Heroes’ or the ‘Age of Reason’.

Or maybe our universe is really just a collection of books in a library and sometimes we get to name our own stories.


A common phrase jumps to mind “Its just a chapter in the past. But don’t close the book. Just turn the page” which seems to fit pretty well with the idea of the books being periods in history


So an idea I had is that they could be like the Elderr Scrolls, for those of us that have played the Elder Scrolls games, where the Book records important events in a set period of time.


The “Book” is a story. It IS Storytelling magiq.

quite simply, its a story that has been written, throughout the ages, and is just waiting for its next chapter, or it’s supposed end.

or at least its how i see it


Looks like we have two new books! The Book of The Wild which is the time before history changed and The Book of Kings which is our current time line