The Making of The Monarch Papers Podcast - Episode Zero



Here it is! Ackerly Green’s first podcast! Simon and I begin by discussing the two years of development required to bring The Monarch Papers to life. We’re in the process of getting this available on iTunes, etc. but for now we’re hosting it on SoundCloud. Enjoy!


Sweet! I can’t wait to hear about all of the cool behind-the-scenes tidbits and the process of building this world!


I have an essay to write so I popped on on last time before I started and saw the Podcast. Definitely listening to while I do it.

Edit: Okay, this has to have maqic in it. I wrote 3 paragraphs in 12 minutes.




Just finished it. I already want more to feed my podcast hungry mind!


I won’t lie, that was awesome. I was super hyped to get work done while listening and when the podcast ended, I wanted more. Keep it up! :+1::ok_hand:


So many teasers!!! :scream: