The Low Report and Endeavor Safety Solutions


So, in another thread we were talking about the Low Report. The podcast of the magiqal world from the Low. It contains audio of Cagliostro’s last performance

If you haven’t heard if before. You should.

That’s not why I posted this though. The beginning and end state the Low Report is sponsored by Endeavor Safety Solutions “Looking after all your abnormal online needs”. Did we just never try looking for them before? Cause they exist.


The site doesn’t seem particularly abnormal at first glance…


No it looks perfectly normal to me. Well as normal as a company that trains people to clean up industrial accidents might.

Maybe this site is just the normal, everyday side of a bigger company. Maybe it’s just a coincidence. Weird.


Maybe there’s somewhere else with that name? Or a secret page on the Low? Because the most unusual thing I see is an essay about heat stress.


It is possible that they have a secret branch dedicated to magiqal spillovers. I can see how such a service would be very valuable.


Did…did we just find the headquarters of magiqal OSHA?


The link doesn’t seem too… Well, magiq. The Low are kind of known for working in the shadow, and I find it hard to believe they would just have a website that anyone could access…