The July Patreon Hangout Has Been Scheduled for July 19th!


It’s completely slipped by because I’ve been drowning in work but I was thinking about having an impromptu Hangout tomorrow night? Was going to make an announcement later today.


Man I work 10-10 :sob: It’s okay


Hey folks! I would love to have a hangout tonight but I am completely exhausted after this wonderful day. How does Wednesday night work for everyone? I think it’s a lovely night for a hangout.


Sounds absolutely perfect!


That’s completely understandable! Take some time and use the eclipse to recharge.

Wednesday works better for me actually!

Same time or TBD?


Wednesday would be lovely, but I guess early enough for uk time is tricky for you guys.


Was actually hoping to do 6pm-7:30pm EDT so 11pm UK?