The July Patreon Hangout Has Been Scheduled for July 19th!


We’re all set for Wednesday July 19th, from 9:30-10:30pm:
If you want to join in, bookmark/comment on this topic and I’ll update with the livestream link when we’re ready for everyone to join in! Can’t wait to chat live with you all!


Yo yo yo


It’ll be 3am here :sob: but I’ll catch you next time!


I’d like to be included please


Which Timezone is it again??? Got my day off then so will be joining you with my coffee and baileys :grin:


Can’t wait


What time zone please boss?


So sorry Mounties, it’s Eastern!


Omg, you scheduled it on my birthday! That’s funny. I’ll be sure to tune in. :grin:


Drat. Can’t sanction a 3am when Ofsted are in next week. Darn them all.


I have a mentoring gig that day, but I’ll see if I can tune in :innocent:


@MissEvans, I solemnly swear I will offer patrons earlier options for next month’s hangout!


Thanks boss.


Anyone else excited for tonight!?! I’m absolutely ecstatic!!!


I’ll post the links to the Hangout in about an hour! Be sure to bring any questions you have!


Okay, I’m live!

Here’s the Youtube link to chat:

And here’s the link for video!




Splinter13 forever!


I forgot to wish @VictorianFlorist a happy birthday! Hope you had an awesome one!!


Are we not having an August hangout? Just curious