The Gaming Mounties!


I’m very big into gaming! I like a fairly wide range of genres. I tend to prefer RPGs like Dragon Age, Mass Effect or the Witcher series. I’m also a big fan of the Sims and Animal Crossing. But I like a lot more besides! Not keen on multiplayer games, tho I’ve definitely dabbled and used to be a big Overwatch player.

I’m very much looking forward to Planet Zoo coming out later this year, I’ve always been a big Zoo Tycoon fan and I’m hoping this will scratch my itch for a true Zoo Tycoon 3.


It seems like I might be a little of the opposite! I love fps’s and multiplayer games, although I do occasionally love a good story/RPG.

My presonal favorite games are: Rainbow Six Siege, Skyrim, Oblivion, ArmA 3, Rising Storm 2 Vietnam, Smite, there are a few others but for some reason I can’t remeber then name.

Also I think quite a few of our typically active members have gone to bed seeing as we have quite a few american Mounties (myself included)


Skyrim is a great game, I still go back to it and sink days into it once in a while.

That’s fine! I used to be active on forums many years ago and I’m used to not getting instance responses/conversations. Just thought I’d make a few posts and get settled in :slight_smile: I technically should be asleep too, though it’s now an acceptable time to wake up where I am, oops :sweat_smile:


Ah yes it’s what? 6 am? @Rimor is a U.K. Mountie so I’m used to having to think about when it is across the pond.

Some of the Mounties join with this being their first ever forum (its actually mine aswell.) so I try to make sure that people know that “hey people aren’t on constantly”


Yep! I have insomnia to thank for me finding this place, hah!

No problem, I can see how that’d happen a lot nowadays! Forums have become quite few and far between with social media.


Ah yes lovely lovely insomnia.

Although that has made this lovely little nook a tad along the rare side.


Insomniac british hi five @fungibility !
And as for games, my computer is an awful little thing that doesn’t like to… Well, run things . I have a hand-me-down laptop that’s maybe 1 year younger than the old rig, so it can run Slime Rancher… Sort of… On the lowest settings…
But when it comes to watching others game, or playing games on other people’s devices, I love rpgs, roguelikes, multiplayer fun games (as opposed to multiplayer NOT FUN games. This differs wildly depending on the people involved as well as the game itself), and anything with a good story. I wrote a whole essay about Dishonored and Dishonored 2 for uni, that’s how much I love that particular franchise! :blossom:


High Five!

Oh no I understand your pain! I struggled for years with older/low end computers. I eventually saved up for a decent gaming PC but that was a few years ago so it’s beginning to need upgrades that I don’t think I can prioritise right now! I can get by running some smaller games on my laptop too. My dad just got a PS4 late last year so I play newer games on that when I get the chance, haha.

Dishonored has such a fantastic aesthetic. I wish I could get into it but I think I’m just very bad at stealth games! I never got past the early game but I aim to finish it one day because I love the worldbuilding a lot. That’s awesome that you got to write a paper on them!


Oh same, if I still lived with dad I’d be using all his cool gaming stuff all the time… He’s a hoarder, and he hoards technology. Hence the hand-me-downs.

If you can’t finish the game yourself, do what I do (though in my case it’s just because my devices won’t run it) and watch other people play it! I watched Cryaotic play the first game, currently struggling to find someone who’s played all the way through the second game and doesn’t have an abrasive voice (you know the classic ‘whats up gamers!! Like comment and subscribe!’ YouTuber voice? That. I’m not super keen on people yelling) but I’ve been watching ProperBird. She hasn’t played all the way through, though, so I had to find a silent one for the rest.
If Dishonored wasn’t such a fantastic game with incredible aesthetic and good lore and story, I wouldn’t be able to be interested because I’m very easily scared haha.

Good that your PC and laptop are holding on for now though! Upgrades are annoying, but I’m sure you’ll be able to get them sometime soon! When the time comes it’ll be fun :blossom:


Oh gosh I wish I could but I find I struggle watching let’s plays, even with streamers or youtubers I like (I absolutely know the sort you mean, haha). I do really value games as a narrative device and honestly care more about the story than the gameplay half the time but I get so frustrated not playing it myself. The only gaming videos I’ve been able to watch are ones from the McElroys or other older Polygon series where they’re usually mucking around or doing something weird in the game for the sake of comedy/their own narrative, but it seems like they’ve stopped that style of content now, alas.

I’m very easily scared too! I get far too jumpy playing games. There’s some kids games that still make me jump out of my skin, and I don’t even mean ones that are supposed to seem creepy, I’m just a wimp!!


I very much feel you on almost everything you just said. The best let’s plays are the ones where they’re just mucking around and having fun. I can recommend RTGames for that, his Rollercoaster Tycoon and Minecraft videos are fantastic! But yeah, story in games is much more fun to experience oneself.

Absolutely same here, I’ve had nightmares over Dr Who . The first weeping angels episode actually brought on a fear of statues that lasted about three years… But I’m alright now! Funnily enough, the other ones after that… Were so much less terrifying that I only cried a little bit when I watched them. :blossom:

The Welcome Super Topic: Come Say Hello!
The Welcome Super Topic: Come Say Hello!
The Welcome Super Topic: Come Say Hello!

I’ve never watched Doctor Who but I know about that episode thru cultural osmosis and even GIFs of it creep me out! Reminds me of the banshee enemies from Mass Effect 3, which I sometimes get nightmares about, haha.


I love Cry and Rt, I can’t really tell what it is about them but I always find myself returning to their content.


Those banshee are no joke. Though I feer them more through how unfair they were on the harder difficulties of the game.


I have a switch too, as of recently! I’m learning smash for the first time, but I need to look up and study the controls. There’s no in-game tutorial, just lists :confused: Anyway, Breath of the Wild has been a lot of fun!

I love cooperative games (Sentinels of the Multiverse, Gloomhaven/One Deck Dungeon/Pick a LARP/TTRPG, Ravens of Thri Sahashri, Hanabi) but never got much into RTS. I know I’d love it, especially playing support, I just don’t think it’s something I can afford to spend my time on at this point in my life with how quickly I get sucked into things and addicted. I have to choose my obsessions carefully :smile:


Who do you think you’ll be maining in smash?


It’s absolutely still too early to tell… I need to spend a lot more time with each character before I can decide who I really like. I’ve only really had a chance to play with Kirby while getting used to the controls. I picked a bad stage to try out another character on, and I haven’t even unlocked everyone yet. I’ll let you know as I find out more!


Wow that was a looonnggg thread to read & most of the games mention I absolutely love! I’ve got a PS4 & a PC. I love Arkham Knight, was into shadow of Mordor for a bit but got bored, Skyrim - I waste a lot of time on Skyrim because I don’t play it like a normal person, I mostly just build houses & adopt dogs & children :joy: I really like the uncharted series because there’s a story but also I get to shoot people…

Mortal Kombat X is super fun, so is injustice (even though the story sucks :sweat_smile:)


I have abandoned and started entirely new playthroughs of Skyrim because my ungrateful children refused to adopt Meeko :joy:


Relatable, I have tried & failed many times to get my children to adopt Bran but they keep adopting foxes or skeevers :weary: