The Festival of Guide and Guild - Day 5: Thornmouth


Pleasantest of Sundays to all of you! Today we’re celebrating—drumroll, please! does her own drumroll with her hands—Thornmouth! Here’s the prompt:

“You are a beacon for the world, to help remember the past, understand the present, and shape what is to come.” What piece of magiqal knowledge would you most like to add to the Mindflame?


Osh, now that’s a tough question. I’d add the creation of the sigils some of us have that were used to augment the Jordian Spell. I have a personal connection to them, so I feel like it would be a great edition.


I personally think that I would add ancient magic or old magics to the thornmouth wheel house sense. These spell would revolve around spell circles and forgotten rituals. Basically coven Magic’s that requires more than one caster.


Ooooh, I love that.


Well I think since thornmouth can literally learn to decipher ancient text why not be able to use any acient magic that they may find. Also spell formulas should be an interesting study. This type of magic come from alchemy but uses spell to create different affects. For example mixing a fire spell with a wind spell can create a fire tornado. That is a basic example of what they can do. Some formulas can be upward of twenty spell steps long.


Considering it seems to be topical(atm w/ Saberlane and Woolie) and I find it intriguing, I think I will be devoting my time to studying the intricacies of layered spellcasting, as a long term goal. However, short term contributions will be any and all irrelevant info I come across.


I’m not a thornie, but if given the opportunity, I’d add sigils, forged out of need, and put in to the right places.


Two artifacts that are to be personally crafted and bound to the user.

  1. A “compass” or homing device of sorts that picks up on the desired request of the user, to track down texts related to the knowledge or information needed at the time.

  2. A repository able to store magiq viewed/digested by the user within texts that can be drawn from and utilized later without the need for memorization or having the physical text in-hand.


So you mean like a personal dimensional library?


Essentially, yes. I like your style.


I think I would like a magic bag that can fit any and all equipment and tomes I would need rather than a pocket dimension library. Sort of like this

or a dimensional link to the thornmouth archives and the compass I think that’s what our peering arts are for. Also, what is everyone’s thoughts of bloodline magic. By that I mean magic that is so ancient and old it has become connected to a family’s bloodline. At home there’s an antique book shop that sells a bunch of old books and I stumbled across an old magic book that discussed bloodline magic and I was wondering what everyone thought about the subject?


Some adepts do have abilities that pass from generation to generation. Knatz had one such power, but as it grew stronger in her daughter, it grew weaker in Knatz herself. I’m not sure whether or not all bloodline magiq would work this way.


in terms of john, my (oc, but in canon/neithernor) friend, hes got some bloodline stuff, but its a bit funky. He can talk to ghosts to a limited degree, but in terms of the drawback, its almost too much to be worth it. idk, he says its due to artifact related stuff in his history, but since it goes back in his family through a few predecessors, its probably a bloodline thing.


The book said that certain families can develop contracts with a spirit of one of the five elements: soul, fire, water, earth, and air. Katza sounds like he might have one. The book does not specify how the magic is passed down. John definitely sounds like he might have a contract of soul. These five spirits broke them selves into pieces and made the contracts with different people so each family got a fraction of their power. It said that there were hundreds of contracts that can lie dormant throughout entire generations. It seem to be awakened through ether trauma or dramatic event or a special ritual and fair warning this appears to be old witching magic. So it either can be a hoax or even worse than what we can do. And I’m tempted to try it.


this was through a book. a thing of dark, necromantic power, but it seems the kaldwile family grasped and channeled it in a way that made it work, with… only serious drawbacks. if the book was a contract, john never mentioned it.


The magic I found was a spiritual magic but not necessarily necromancy. But it did mention that certain family heirlooms can be used as enhancements to bloodline spells but it does not say they are necessary. From what I can tell this magic is something you can naturally have and use without magic objects but some of the page were torn or smudged and impossible to read. So it is possible that the book could be a contract, but I can say for certain. Why on earth is magiq so freakin vague?


Well, thats mostly just because its magiq. Its wonder and imagination personified. Vague and random, never quite taking on one specific form,


Truth. But I’m wondering if I should try the ritual.


@Darkus I’d considered the peering arts, but I felt they were more tuned to the energy and events of people as opposed to text(The guide uses the example of “Believing” vs. “Supposing” I believe. Which leans more towards things of a more fluid and “unwritten” nature).

Love the bag idea, though!


Nice @Athras. I didn’t consider that. Hey I need help there is a riddle that I can not figure out in this magic book. Here it is

Mortal eyes cannot perceive
the spirits of the past conceive
Look into the mirror that a dream once grieved

Ideas? It’s for the ritual to awaken the bloodline magic. The entire ritual is written in riddles.