The Day of Change


Same here!!!


Yeah. Seeing the book in a complete form is weird for me since I’ve only ever seen it as a crisp. It looks a bit off, but it’s only got one lock left, so let’s hope our efforts to open this book can be realized soon…


Excuse me while I eat everything in sight. I’m ravenous after all that energy work.


I cant even look at food, I need to lie down. Head is pounding. Gonna be up for a bit though. want to make sure Cole is okay.


Yeah. Not hungry at all but for the sake of the martini I intend to have tonight in honor of Marty i will eat something.


Not even gonna lie. I was feeling the hits of tiredness while driving.

I just caught up and it feels exhausting… like really.

Im happy the shield was of use. And sad for marty. And excited for the book. And… i cant even atm


Take a sip for me, or a bite… or whatever works :joy:


I just want to hibernate and drink tea but I need to finish this pizza…


i just looked at where i drew that constellation for gladitor and half of it has mysteriously vanished.


Just got awoken for family dinner, feeling deliciously out of it


Great work guys! I’m so proud


Wonderfully stupendous. That was amazing.

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