The Day of Change


To avail? You mean stormslayer did it?


I still have my word the old book sent me. Dunno if it’ll work now. Just something to keep in mind.


Everyone go chill for a few. Let Deidre and Cole get patched up and recentred.

Then we can boggle on the next bit.




It might be. It’s here, but…there’s no background like there used to be, maybe that’s part of it? Like that kind of ethereal glowing blueish greenish it had going on before…


Agreed. It’s time to settle, re-group, and take account of everything gained and lost today.


Let’s remember to keep checking the regular places for changes.


Aye. You’re right.

We can’t do much more now except get more sick and stress.

Go drink some herbal TEA (not “tea”) and have some saltine crackers or ginger candy.

Keep an eye out, and rest, Mounties.


Take good care of yourselves right now. We’ve gotten spell sickness from magiq tea… this could be especially gnarly. I’m sure the book will let us know when we’re ready.

We did it.


Nothing expresses my feelings right now better than this song. Thank you. All of you.

…It melts away the price I pay to taste your love
No more shame those embers they just burn to dust
Turning pages bruises fade and I made it through the deep
I earned my stripes from battle cries this skin is thick
Was it all worth it…

…Boy it was worth it
I’m wiser from the mess you made I feel no pain
Wiser from the storms I braved yeah I want to say
Thank you thank you
For breaking my heart showing me who you are
I’m wiser from the waves you made


I’m gonna have gingerbeer and a nice snack. Time to patch ourselves up.


Yeah, I’m…I need a nap. Or something. Bit dizzy. Whoa.
But also crying right now. Never seen the Book whole and unburnt before now.


With ya there, and it’s such a good and welcome sight…


Anyone else feeling weak to where they can only take in liquids?


My old arm injury is causing me so much pain!


Yeah, that’s normal. Drink tea for a few hours, then move to a smoothie with protein and lots of natural sugars. You should be able to eat solids in about 12 hours.


Yeah, spell sickness sucks

Like Dey said, drink tea and rest up.

And its nice to see the book fully restored.


I will miss food :sob:


Even small spells make me hella sick every time. So I feel you.



Same! This is my first time seeing the book unburnt and there were def some tears…