The Day of Change


Genuinely shaking. Not from the cold either, though my body is definitely that.


We need to try it. Something. Anything. I won’t give up on him.


first thing I did was refesh my emails…

But do I seriously need to sleep about now, and it’s not cause it’s getting late here…


I’m exhausted. I don’t drink but this is making me consider “tea”.


Good job, everyone. You all worked so hard and I am so proud of you guys. Now lets open this book!


Did marty ever say anything about where he was from? If he lost his memories, he might’ve returned home.


Well, that was…tiring, to say the least…

If Rev and Dey have a plan to cast this spell to help find Marty, I will help. Right now would not be super ideal, but I’ll help


I don’t know how much longer I will be up and about with this headsick feeling. Everyone… might benefit from some rest. Some of us handle spellsickness better than others, but no one’s going to feel good after this.

We need to check on Deirdre, as well.

@CRSumner, you’re in our thoughts. Please be well.


I thought there were two more? We never actually did fragment 15 over the Chronocompass.


Oh man i hope there isnt two more!


Usually the third fragment of a phrase comes as a result of us helping someone. It’ll show up, just keep your eyes open.


We have Fragment 15 and 16 still remaining.


We didn’t complete 15 year, I don’t think…I don’t think we ever got a word back through time into the book before we had to bring it here.


Pretty sure destroying the Storm and summoning a book through time qualifies as a fragment done. :weary:


It so should!


I tried entering “Stormslayer” into the book to avail.


I mean, id definitely say we helped SOMEONE. Many someones. It’ll show.


If the world was fair, for sure.

Maybe the Book is timesick? Needs a minute to catch up?


The same.


The background is black. Before it had colors… maybe we have to wait for it to settle in? Timesick like @Deyavi said?